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Friday, August 11, 2006

drinking away the past

One more, two more
Vowing to drink the past away
Three drinks, four
I think its here to stay
To get away, I must be brought back
To end it they say I must relive it,
To accept it and move on
Where oh where did I go?
I drink to end it
Fighting the flashback
He touched the little girl
5 drinks then 6
She cries for the child
Hold me, dont let me go
7 then 8
I close my eyes
Only to see the scene more vividly
She cries out loudly, her pain unbearable
9 and 10
Let me go, dont touch me
He shakes his head and turns over
I cry inside, but cant tell him
Yes he knows HE did it
Just not what I still see today
I drink faster
12 or 13 who knows now
The bottles almost gone
As is my reality
In the end it finds me
By the time its here, I cant fight it
Must lay back and accept
This is what Im doing to me
Shes not her
I am


Im closing the window
Im closing the door
I lay in my bed
and Im feeling so sore
Im feeling so sad
Im feeling so bland
scratching my nails
in the palm of my hand
feeling such anguish
that I cannot bare
and my palms nearly bleed
yet Im so unaware
like I try to ignore
all the pain that I feel
trying to live
in a world so surreal
but this is too real
I cant be so blind
cuz theres tears on my pillow
and tears in my mind
as Im crying myself to sleep
I turn off the lamp
and Im drifting to sleep
on my pillow so damp

Left undone

Wanting, hating
Needing, showing
All within
Tempting, pulling
You to me
I want to see
What we can do
Take me close
To your side
Pull me in
Consume my soul
Let me go
I'll lose control
Fulfilling all
You need inside
Leaving nothing
Left undone

images distorted

How can one person seem so different from one minute to the next?
Theres nothing there but a change of mind
A slip of confidence
An evil little trick played by the self
Like a mirage on the road ahead
One minute its there
And the next it disappears
With a single smile and poise
the world doesnt seem so big at all
Nothings going to bring down this high
Not even a second look, later its all gone
All thats left is disgust and hate
Is this the works of someone else?
Have they changed all visions of reality?
With a single glance everything changes.
The image is distorted

let them see

Perhaps this is meditation
my one true escape
my hero who saves me
in his long, dark cape
taking me up with
my own true words
and let me fly just
as high as all birds
Dont let me fall
when I feel so secure
for I really screwed up
now, its just a blur
I blush and turn such
a true color of red
when others see what Im doing instead
am I to be so afraid of my poems?
For what would really
happen if I should show em?
Nothing- for no one
really understands me
so sure, what the hell
I’ll let them all see.

still a little girl

Who ever said that I was too old
to have my favorite Teddy Bear
set on my bed every night
I like to cuddle it
it makes me feel better
Whoever said that I was
Too old for dolls
to be lying around my room
in placement for where I put them
I like them and that
is all that seems
to so simply matter
You tell me to grow up
but I don't hear
a word that you say
I just choose to ignore them
I am still a little girl
and that is how I am going to stay

lost without you

Its killing me,
tearing in my eyes
the thought of you leaving
completely gone from my life
so much of my part
a bone in my rib
without you I dont know what to expect
maybe Ill go insane
or just truly hide in myself
never wanting to get close enough
for fear of what may come
dieing in memories
but not in my heart
I dont want to lose you
you mean so much
I cant stand these things I am hearing
each passing day getting worst
I want it to go back
to when things were fine
I go through the days
playing strong once again
never letting a frown,
run across this face of mine
its eating me up
breaking my heart
dieing in terror
of what is to come
how can this happen?
What did I do to deserve such a loss?
I cant believe this is ending
I am begging to not come true
I would be lost without you

mistreated and misused

She's so cold, they say,
just look into her eyes.
She's gone numb,
from endless streams of lies.
She can't love, they say,
unless her legs are spread.
She gets them drunk,
and then fucks with their heads.
She lives alone, they say,
unwanted, alone, and abused.
She'll die alone,
broken, mistreated,and misused.
She gives herself to anyone who'll care,
believes their lies, and loves them.
If she dares.
I feel betrayed
I feel kind of lost
I feel as if I've paid some cost
A price unworthy of your "love"
That seemed to have come from above.
What a lie,
But why should I cry?
Just because our fake love will die
I should have known you'd do me wrong
But I'm okay.
I'll stay strong.

lying solo

Embracing arms
that hold each other tight
do you think about whose arms you grasp?
When youre snuggling in the night?
Locked together
like bandages that wont release
do you let him suffocate your soul
Every time you want to breathe?
Broken down
by fights that linger on
do you ever tell yourself youve won
when youve noticed that hes gone?
Nothing now
theres only silence in your screams
do you believe there was passion in his eyes
when he unzipped your denim jeans?
Its over now
and still you carry his heartbeat
Do you listen to that distant drum
when lying solo while you sleep?

Mad at Me

Mad at Me
Dont rationalize
Dont even try
Im mad at him
But I dont know why
And the more I think
The more I see
Im not mad at him
Im mad at me
I blame him
Because its easy
Its so damn hard
Hating me
Im not with him
Twenty-four hours a day
I cant make myself go away
So be mad at him
Even if I have to lie
Dont think about it
Dont even try

for you i will

As I stare at you
Asleep in your crib
I realize
If it wasnt for you
Id be out of here
Out of town
Out of life
Its far too much
Of a hassle
But for you
Because of you
I will suffer it all
Die a thousand deaths
Eat lifes shit
And paint on a smile
And suffer it all
Suffer it all
I will wait
Until youve grown
To be free
Free to leave
Free to die

used to you

Im still here because
Ive got nothing else to do
Youre an asshole
But Im getting used to you
I like the fact that
You talk incessantly
I got a thing for assholes
Who tell good stories
I think that complaining
Is the only thing you do right
Youre gonna self-destruct
I think thats what I like
You like me so you try
And make me feel like shit
I think it's kind of funny yeah
I kind of enjoy it
You try to tell me something
About the way you live
Like you would give me so much
If you had something to give
For all your talk
You dont say much thats real
I think I know more than you
About the way that you feel
Im still here
Cause I got nothing else to do
Youre an asshole but
Im getting used to you

just shut up

I wish you would shut up
I really do, just shut up
weve heard it all before
no you are not important to me
no I dont care what you have to say
and I dont care if you think
that I am ignorant
at least I know when I should
shut the fuck up
did you ever stop to think
that maybe I dont give a shit?
No of course you didnt
you ignorant son of a bitch
so full of yourself, so sure
saying what they tell you to
thinking what they want you to
I could ask a million other people
and get the same bullshit lies
your all the same, your so fake
you are not real to me
so just shut the fuck up

Thursday, August 10, 2006

its just you

Smothering, struggling, gasping for breath.
The hands over my mouth,
"shut up, stop the damn crying.
Remember last time?"
The pain between.
My legs.
Shutting it out, willing the pain away.
Stroking my hair, soothing words.
Im feeling, terrified,
I awake with a jolt.
Its just my boyfriend.
Cuddling closer, I lie real still;
eyes wide open, willing sleep away.

does it matter

Feeling empty inside of me
I sit here and wait
For what Im unsure
Its just what I do
Contemplating everything
Second-guessing every move
Was I wrong?
Was I right?
In the end,does it matter?
By your side I long to be
Close to you is what I crave
Not knowing now
If you want the same
Questions unasked
Remain unanswered
Will they be asked?
Will they be answered?
In the end,does it matter?
The fact remains
Just as it is
Im scared to death
to know the truth
and see it through
what we could have
Will I screw up?
Will you leave?
In the end,
does it matter?

darkness waits

Darkness waits
Secrets linger
Never knowing
What lies ahead
Continuous search
For my sanity
Lost somewhere
Not close to here
Was it ever even mine
I look
To find nothing
Only more
Of the same
Unknown things
I've seen before

my need

i need this release.
i need to be set free.
with the cut of a knife.
i could be alive again
a simple slash.
nothing deep.
just a simple need
one need i can not share.
no one can know
and the need is growing stronger all the longer
for the first time in years.
i felt alive.myself once again.
with the gentle touch of a blade
a need i must fulfill before it grows too strong

what i dont say

I cant believe you havent realized yet
I thought you would have knew
By the way I talk and act
The way I act around you
I havent made it too hard to pick
but still you dont have a clue
but although I make it obvious
it would be terrible if you knew
When we fight I cry afterwards
I always want to be your friend
but then I realize everything
eventually comes to an end
I try and try to release these feelings
but they just wont go away
I only have one thing to tell you
Listen to what I dont say

little Randi

Little Randi cries out her eyes,
She just can't deal with any more lies.
Her ex came running with excuses galore
She didn't know if she could take anymore.
He dragged it on and tore her heart
Every time that they were apart.
Is it love, is it lust?
Blow away the early dust.
Take a look, so deep within
How long until Randi gives in?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

stay the fuck out

Fuck those who've hurt me,
Skip those who've tried
I can't stand them.
Let them die.
I've experienced so much pain,
for my young age,
I can't stand my mind.
It's full of nefarious memories.
They're letting that ass walk free,
Even after what he's done to me,
and I can't take the hurt.
That he's left within my soul.
He deserves to die,
but his fate is not mine to decide,
He'll get what's coming to him.
I bet it won't be pleasant.
Maim the bastard who stole my happiness,
and crushed it in his clenched fist,
Make him experience foul displeasure.
For I will seek vengeance otherwise.
Punish those who put others in misery,
then award those who make everyone happy,
Have everyone share their pain.
For maybe then;
people will understand
what they're doing to one another.
So much hatred swims through me,
and it depresses me so deeply,
But there's only one who understands
(or seems to)
only one who cares, like no other.
No matter what was done,
No matter what was said,
He kept hurting me.
And so had everyone (almost) else.
Why am I the target of bitterness,
why must it be me?
Can it not be someone else?
Im fine on my own
Ive got enough friends
Enough damn enemies
You only add to the problems
Not helping at all
Are you so stupid?
That you really cant see
You blame everyone else
When its really you
Ive made my mistakes
Those were my fault
But this obsession of yours
Is all yours to control
Theres something so wrong
With the way that you feel
Manipulating to get what you want
To get those to back you
The whole story isnt told
My side is forgotten
My feelings are dismissed
Nobody knows the way that I feel
They only hear the wrong Ive done
Theres worse that I could do
Ill never be perfect
Ill sure as hell never be you
You’re act is so clear
The real you is obvious
The front you put on
As only concerned
We all see through you
And whats really going on
Open your eyes
Quit preaching to me
Open The Book
And read for yourself
Stop reading for me
I can do that myself
Ive got my own relationship
Its not like yours
Its my very own
Not what you want
That doesnt make it wrong
Just opposite of yours
Ill never condemn
Or judge those I love
I cant do that
Knowing I might fail
Where do you get off
Making decisions
Who is a Christian
And who is worthy
None of us deserve
Anything were given
We havent earned God’s love
Theres no way we can
Hes given it freely
For all to grasp
What right do you have
To take that away
Im tired of your judgment
Im sick of your putdowns
Talking to those who know nothing
Listening to mindless chatter
The gossip you hear
Not from the source
Maybe its true
Or could be more lies
Youll never know though
It has nothing to do with you
Ill say it again
Stay the fuck out of my business

on my own

Fighting for life
My right to be me
Changing myself
To fit what I want
Separate from you
I'm now on my own
Mistakes I will make
Are all mine now
No longer a reflection
Of who you are
You've surrendered
Your chance
To mold me to you
You're not my mentor
Or even looked up to
Your pettiness shows
In every action you've taken

dont hurt me

Please don't hurt me
like all the others
have done in the past
I don't want much,
I want a real relationship
to be able to talk to you
about anything and everything
and not be yelled at
to talk to all my friends
whether guy or a girl
without you having any suspicions
because if I'm with you
know that you're the only one
to spend time with you
and not have to have sex
I just want to lay there
and talk for hours about nothing at all
to be with you
and not get hit and then me leave you
with bruises on my body
I've been through so many bad relationships
that I now I expect every guy to be the same
I know deep down you're not
but I can't help those little insecurities
I've been through so much just,
please don't hurt me

just do it

Use me Abuse me
But don't say you love me
Then I give you my heart
Then say you don't
And rip it apart
Use me Abuse me
But don't say you wont hurt me
And then cuddle me tight
Then say that its over
Over with one little fight
Use me Abuse me
Don't start to dominate
Then say you don't like it
Then start all over again
I guess I should just quit
Use me Abuse me
Bring me presents and such
Say the words I wanna hear
Don't bring me down tonight
I just don't think I could bare
Use me Abuse me
Tonight is our night
Our night of passion
Our night not to fight
There's no need to ration
Use me Abuse me
Just do it now

not cry

Whoever said that a girl
can't cry after the age of 13
Like we are supposed to suck it up
and let them treat us
like some lower life forms
with a smile on our faces
as they eye up our breast
and check out our legs
I kind of feel like I am on a used car lot
and I am the deal of the week
Console me in a way
that I may not understand
as I pour my heart out
to a poetry book
but the answers don't lie
in the places that I wish
that I could find them
Tell me again how I am such a big girl
and mentally I should feel
different than I have before
as I watch my life pass me bye
I tell myself no matter what
I am not going to cry

my bloody suicide

The blank page stars at me
With its thin blue lines
I look to my heart and soul
To find the words to say
But nothing can describe how I feel today
Questions haunt my mind
Where is this happiness, I cant find?
Why is there so much pain in my life?
And why do I want to end it all with this knife
The page is half filled
But I still cant seem to feel
Theres a band around my wrist
To stop me ending it all
To stop me finding my bliss
Answers are running though my mind
I dont deserve happiness, theres no way of finding it
Theres pain in everyones life, Im just weak
And Im pathetic and can't cope.
I make my hand into a fist
and make a cut across my wrist
Deeper and deeper
Until I can feel nothing more
My bloody suicide.

pain, the truest friend

Drown me
in this bottle,
and I will cry no more
for tears are only things that blood
cannot purge
that these cuts
do not vanquish.
My mind is still screaming in my sleep
I wanted to be better.
Now I know I'm only weak.
So drown me
in this bottle,
and I will cry no more
Blood cannot purge me
Love cannot save me
I will be forever alone, here
with my bottle
my bandages
pain is the truest friend

promise not to tell

If I whisper this secret in your ear
do you promise you wont tell?
Its you I want, not him
Standing here with you
On this damp cold night
Underneath those starts
Shining so bright
Temptation is staring me straight in the eyes
Pulling me closer
As I lie my tired head
On your shoulder
Its been such a long day
And I dont think
I have the strength
To keep this inside much longer
You put your arms around me
And suddenly its not so cold
I know he sees us
But I dont care
I dont want him, not anymore
I sick of playing this game
I already know Ill never win
Ive given up on him
Youre the one I want
And have for awhile
Ive been concealing the truth from everyone, even myself
But being here with you
Feels so right tonight
If I whisper this secret
In your ear
Do you promise not to tell?

so scared

I'm so scared
Maybe I'm paranoid
I'm so scared
Maybe there's something wrong with me
I'm so afraid
Maybe I don't see the light I'm so afraid
Maybe I'm just thinking too much
I'm so fearful
Maybe I don't have a right to be
I'm so fearful
Maybe I'm wrong to be like this
I'm so scared
I'm so scared
Maybe I shouldn't be
No skeletons in my closet
I wish I could be yours
But in the end
You're the one reminding
And I'm the one remembering
But I don't want it to be that way
I want to forget
And I want you to stop coming by
So I'm still afraid of
Becoming a skeleton
But I feel as if I am one
Numb to the world
I feel nothing but hurt
Sometimes I fall off this wall
Not a scratch in mind
I do not feel it
And they laugh and point
Silly child's game
As I feel the world spinning
I am lost in the end
Alone once again
No skeletons in my closet
I wish I could be yours
But in the end
You're the one reminding
And I'm the one remembering
I don't want it to be this way
So maybe I'll have to change this once

never ending

Tears of loneliness
Tears of emptiness
Stream down my face
Wiped away
Just to fall again
Never ending
There’s no release
From this feeling
I hold inside
Fighting still
For what I want
What I need
And can’t obtain

why i write

You ask why I write these things
I write ‘Cause I don't wanna scream.
These words are my frustrations,
My fear, and isolation,
It’s my anger and my pain,
My sorrow, and shame made known
My familiar words
The words are my constant struggle,
The overwhelming need to be heard,
The petrifying fears that no on is there to hear, or care.
I write because I can’t say the words.
I write because I have to.
I write because if I don’t, I die.
So I write.

kid inside of me

Sometimes I feel so childish sitting here
Thinking about my juvenile problems
Being the kid that I am
Growing up so fast
Wishing I would hurry up
But at the same time
Wishing I could slow down
I wish I could be the kid that
Plays in the sand box
Runs around half-naked
Is always cute looking
Screams and cries
I wish I could be the kid that
I know is inside of me

let me

Let me scream
Let me run away
Why won’t you just end this for me?
I don’t need to be here anymore
who’s left for me to stay for?
Who’d really care to see me go?
I’m beginning to think I enjoy the pain
Kick me again
Make it hurt
Don’t try to make me happy
Let the tears freely fall
Cut me like a rag doll
Rip every inch of me apart
What ever shred of I have
Take it
I don’t want it
Throw my heart against the wall
I don’t need it anymore
Take these eyes from my face
There’s nothing left to see
Block all signs of love
Keep all friendship’s away
I don’t know how to look after them anyways
Why be given something that you don’t deserve?
Away with the light
Only goodness exists there
I’m too used to the dark cloud of evil on my back
It is the only thing I know now
Everything I am is a lie
Just someone I wanted to be
Oh well
Who cares?
It all comes down to this in the end
I don’t deserve to live
Where do I even start?
I’m at a lose for words
I pick up my pen cause I need to write
Somehow I have to let this all out
It’s building up inside of me
I’m ready to crumble
My tears won’t stop
Neither will my pain
Why won’t any words come to me??
Why can’t I let it out??
I hate this
Who I am
What I do
Why do I even try to write?
It’s all fucked up anyways
Just another piece of trash
Only deserving to be thrown out


It’s been months
Since I’ve thought of you last
For a while I had thought that for sure you had gone
Then there was that one time you decided to call
You said it was too much
That you couldn’t do it
And hung up
That brought everything flooding back in
But again I managed to push you out
Your memory, drifted by me like the early morning fog
I was starting to think life without you was possible
It still is I guessI am still keeping’ on
Still laughing and smiling
But then late last night as I started writing
That sweet letter that I will never send
I couldn’t help but wish for the good old days again
I was willing that stupid phone to ring
To pick up and hear you say
“Baby, let’s forget the whole past”
“Lets start over again”
That phone didn’t ring
And the past is still lingering over my head
Oh, how I hate this
When memories of our love drift back in
With tears streaming down my face as I continue to write
I told you once that I would track you down
where ever you ended up being in a couple years
Back then when I told you that I meant that
maybe we could try again
But there’s no chance of that now
It’s all been said and done
I will still find you someday
Maybe this time just to say “Hello”

its not him

I need to explain I know I do.
He needs to know it's not him, its not.
I know his wants, his needs.
Yet I sit here and write.
What I can't tell him, I tell his computer.
Then lock it up tight.
He can never know what's in my head.
He'd never understand, that I'm all alone.
I just close my eyes and pretend all is right.
I know better, so does he.
Yet it remains unspoken, nonexistent.
He plays my game with me, we both pretend.
We pretend I'm not in pain.
That I'm not lost somewhere in my mind sometimes.
That I'm not so full of fear, of him, of me, of the silence.


Sprawled out on the floor of your attic
just you and I, no limits, but the time
Theres no way to put into words this feeling
no possible way this could ever rhyme.
A kiss on my cheek, so innocent and sweet.
I say, "show me what a real kiss is," baby
so you kiss me repeatedly, soft, slow, on my lips
inquire, "now are these real? Just maybe?"
"Almost," I respond, barely at a whisper:
wondering, how could this be any better?
You smile, and snuggle up closer to my side
I know, there is nothing else that matters.

Monday, August 07, 2006

no one seems to care

The love that you once gave to me
is all sent away now
I am a screaming little girl again
but you don't care
you know how I feel
but are afraid to admit
that you used to be me
and now you can't handle it
I think you need help
and more than you will
ever seem to know
I think that you are different
and I don't like that
I don't like it one bit
I know how you feel right now
trust me I have been there
so long ago I was heldup captive in your lies
but now I am a screaming little girl
and no one seems to care

keep loving you

I’m frightened that I’ve lost inspiration
scared ill lose too many things at once
I started writing because.
I was in love with you
I despised you
I was befriended by you
I was angered due to you
you are my emotions
you are my writing
you are my poetry
can I lose you without
losing my passion?
Can I feel without
you by my side?
I pray I can
I hope I have the will
if only I didn’t have to
keep loving you still


No one really knows
my emotions when
I take off my clothes
becoming consumed
in my bare naked state
I undress because of
accumulated evil hate
by taking off my shoes
my pants, socks, and shirt
I take off my emotions
no longer feeling as hurt
there’s something about being naked
something so natural and pure
a feeling of love fills me
resulting in a soothing cure
so when you find me naked
with tears streaming my face
just leave me to be and
ill feel better when given my space

the pen writes

I don’t know what to do anymore
I’m lost at where I am supposed to be
Every time I think I’ve got something good
It turns out to be just an illusion
I don’t understand
I don’t see what I am doing so wrong
How can I feel so good then hurt so bad?
I just want to scream
This is all so frustrating
I wish I could make sense of it all
But I doubt that could ever be done
It’s all fucking bullshit
Not supposed to make sense at all
Just there to make me more confused
To make me cry more tears
I don’t know if what I am writing
even makes sense
I’m hardly looking down at the page
Just letting the pen write
what the tears are trying to say

time stood still

If time stood still
would it change a thing?
Take back the times
I followed my heart
Went with my feelings
ignoring my brain
Just for a moment
to be held in your arms
Lay by your side
And feel you inside

not you

Not You
It's not you I hate
It's you whom receives the wrath
But the hatred is for him
I wish it wasn't so
I wish I could just go
You look, you see
You question
It's seems you seem to care
If I could tell you, I would
Just close your eyes
Remain oblivious
You don't want to see
You don't to feel
What it is I see and feel

patience endured

I’m closing the window
I’m closing the door
I lay in my bed
and I’m feeling so sore
I’m feeling so sad
I’m feeling so bland
scratching my nails
in the palm of my hand
feeling such anguish
that I cannot bare
and my palms nearly bleed
yet I’m so unaware
like I try to ignore
all the pain that I feel
trying to live
in a world so surreal
but this is too real
I can't be so blind
cuz there's tears on my pillow
and tears in my mind
as I’m crying myself to sleep
I turn off the lamp
and I’m drifting to sleep
on my pillow so damp
She told me to wait
I'd find out in time
What secrets she held
And stories sublime
I'd waited to hear
What thoughts filled her head
What truth she had told
What lies she had said
A curious mind
Describes me so well
You'd have to expect
I'd want her to tell
I'd pry through her thoughts
Knowing that I can't find
Anything there
In her jumbled up mind
But now I am glad
I waited so long
My patience endured



mighty pen

I and my mighty pen
Will venture to every sheet that we can
Be scared of no line
Or hole the side
Not to be scared when we scribble
Or when we must trash something
I and this treasure
Of wisdom that drains ink
Will do as we will
And suffer with each new day
But at least we will be together through it
So here is my loser poem
I wrote it from my heart
Do not be critical,
Just be who you truly are

right to write

Maybe I won’t ever see things
The way you doI wont’ ever agree
Or think like you
And what is so wrong with that
Everyone’s talking behind everyone’s back
Would you rather have it so
We all thought alike
We all agreed on everything
And we never had a debate or a fight
How boring is that!
Sorry I won’t conform for you
I do things my way
And I won’t stop just because you want me to
You feed so much off of
What I think and say
That you just make me want to keep on writing
I guess we have both gotten our way
Do you really think you can shut me up
Just because you don’t like what you hear
If you had things your way no one in the world
Would be allowed to express what they think and feel
I don’t know why you care so damn much about
The words I am absently scribbling now
No I won’t censor myself
No I won’t shut my mouth
Get over itI have the right to write
I won’t give up my freedom of speech
Without a fucking fight
The more you try to silence me
The more I want to say
I won’t do something because you want me to
I won’t ever think your way
Stop caring so damn much
If I am so worthless, ignore me!
Then maybe I’ll shut the fuck up
But the more you try to chain my brain
The more you try to steal my freedom of speech
The more I am going to write say and feel
Think, scream, scribble, teach
And you put more energy into my words
Then even I do
Why the hell do you care so much about
What I think of you
I’m not listening in to all the conversations
You are whispering behind my back
Keep talking and you’ll see
I don’t give two shits about that
Because I am not that insecure
You can talk all you want to
Have fun calling me every name you know
And I STILL won’t give a shit about you
You are free to talk
You are free to fight
But you will NEVER take away
My right to write

paper doll

Don’t ask me for advice
I'm not out for blood anymore
I'm just waiting for someone to remind me
how it felt being real
I'm a paper doll girl
in eye shadow and lace
my god, this world
is a paper doll's place
don't turn to me for healing words
for the wonders love may bring
I'm only a paper doll girl
with nothing left in me


Tears say more then words can ever achieve
my tears are not happy, they only grieve
each tear that falls, my pillow it burns
along with that tear, my soul does yearn
for tears of sanity, and not for sorrow
for tears that just cant wait for tomorrow
instead each tear that leaves my eye
cant wait to get home for me to cry
my tears are feelings kept deep inside
till the moment they all collide
for when it comes my hour of pain
my soul will leave and I will never regain.
I’m scared to breathe, to live, to die
I’m scared to live, to want, to cry
my heart was killed and left to rot
if I cry I might not stop
if I die before I wake
is my soul yours to take?
Sometimes I can’t wait to get home
and spend my time in my room alone
if I love, can I still leave
if I don’t, will my heart still bleed.

Alternative to dying

Crying doesn't do you any good!"
My brother screamed aloud
my daddy told me to quit my crying
or he'd give me something to cry about.
The kids were mean at school today
the teacher's weren't much kinder
and no one likes a dirty poor kid
Sitting on the bus beside her.
I didn't have a dime for lunch
And Courtney got a boyfriend
my cheap shoes slipped underneath me
when I tried to do a back-bend.
Now no one knows where she is
and no one's trying to find her
Mom forgot to play the 'letcric bill
But no one dares to remind her.
I don't see why I am not allowed to cry in my pillow
and not make a sound.
So they cannot see to scream at my small bruised face for crying
but they don't know that it's my only
Alternative to dying.

losing it

I am
or I’m not
losing it.
Maybe I’m just tired
but I think
my mind has given up.
And Ido not dream
only nightmares
of leaving
and crying
of madness
I never wanted to be
like my mother
I never wanted to scream
like my father
I just wanted to live
I just don't want to live
I’m going crazy

the wall

The wall is all I see,
all I want to see.
I close my eyes and try to breath.
I can't,
I am suffocating, I am frozen.
What is going on?
I can't move.
I am stuck.
I am held under him.
He won't stop touching.
Stop. Please. STOP!
I don't want to.
Why won't he get off.
What's wrong with him.
The wall.
Look at it.
Forget here and now.
The wall is strong.
It can't hurt you.
Leave here.
He is touching me.
Feeling me.
Kissing me.
His breath on my neck.
He won't stop.
Forget it.
Don't feel.
Don't think.
Don't move.
If you move, he might do more.
If you move, he might think you are someone else.
No he won't.
He knows who I am.
I am his sister.
I didn't want to sleep here anyway.
Why'd he wake me.
What did I do.
Can she hear?
I wish she would.
Then maybe he would stop.
Probably not.
The wall.
Remember the wall.
Don't cry.
Don't let him know you are awake.
It will all stop eventually.
Really, just don't cry.
10 Minutes, 20, 30.
Please stop soon.
Dont' touch me there.
Don't ever touch me there.
You can't.
You are my brother.
That's not allowed.
Stop Touching me.
Don't Kiss me, no not my neck.
Don't feel me.
Don't hold me down.
Stop! Now!
40 minutes.
It's never going to be over.
Don't move a muscle.
He can't know you are awake.
The wall.
focus on the wall.
Drift away from here.
Now look, now that you aren't there.
Look at what he is doing to you.
Pushing you down.
Holding you down.
Touching you,
Your shirt is up.
Underwear down.
Touching, feeling, holding, grabbing, kissing.
Look at what he's doing to me?
I don't think so.
What about what I am doing.
I am sleeping there.
In his bed.
Like that,
It's not him, It's me.
Just a shirt and underwear?
No pants?
It's my fault he is like this.
Not his. I egged him on.
I was dressed skimpily.
I was in his bed.
So what if he wants to play.
I am 9.
I am too old to sleep in his bed.
I should have slept on the floor.
I deserved this.
I wanted it.
If I didnt', then why aren't I stopping him?
Look, I am not moving. I am not doing anything.
I am just there.
I am here. feeling him.
Make it stop.
45 minutes. done?
He's stopped and gone.
The Wall.
look at it.

lonely little girl

Hair blowing in the wind
Lonely little girl turns her gaze
Looks out the glass
Fixes her eyes on the brewing storm
Breathes in the cool crisp air
Her mind a spinning spiral
Clouded by fog
Anarchy and chaos fills her mind
A tumult of emotions inside of her
As tears rise unbidden to her eyes
Lonely little girl feels trapped
Screams inside of her unable to break free
The wind starts to blow stronger
She watches the leaves fall to the ground
Drawing a circle as it swirls around
She picks up a pen
Stares blankly ahead
Solitary figure amongst the crowd
Alone in thought
Alone in mind
The cold wind blows
The dark clouds gather
A flash of lightning
A clap of thunder
Not unlike the heavens that open
Lonely little girl starts to cry

Saturday, August 05, 2006

i wont break

Beat me up with your words
It’s no different from what I have to bear at home
Go on play with my feelings
Bruise me with your fists, I dare you
Because we both know my boyfriend hits me
And yours is a saint of gods
You could abuse me verbally
You could destroy me emotionally
And you could certainly hurt me physically
But I promise you, I won’t break
Cause there’s nothing you could give me,
That I can’t take and give back more

little girl

Little girl I must tell you,
all the pain you have put us through
Little girl I must show you,
all the bad things you do
Little girl I must punish you,
with all the hurt you've been doing
Little girl I must yell at you,
because of all the dreams you've been undoing
Little girl you're so little
So tiny and small
Little girl why do you do this?
I can hear you crying down the hall
Little girl, I am so sorry
I'm the one that did wrong
Little girl I'm the one that made you
I'm the one where you belong
Little girl I made a mistake
and made you, when I'm not ready
Little girl I'm sorry, I need a break
Sometime to get steady
Little girl, I'm sorry your daddy doesn't want you
he does really care
Little girl you're going away for awhile
I'm sorry I can't be there
Little girl I'm going to smile
when I really want to cry
Little girl I love you
I really did try
Little girl I'm sorry for the pain I do
I wish you could stay here with me
Little girl, your so little
so tiny and small
I hope one day I see you again
hopefully all big and tall
Little girl I'm sorry I must say good-bye
Little girl be happy
and please don't cry
Little girl I love you
I really do
Little girl you have to go now
I'll really miss you
Good-bye my
Little girl
I love you.


As I sit here
Trying to prove my point
Yet nothing makes sense
As if I am mute
Scream as I may
No one shall hear
Nor will they care
Voices echo
Yet none I possess
They're voices of others
Overruling my pain

just cant fight it

Scared to death
Of what I feel
Wants and needs
Kept to myself
Dreams of nights
Close by your side
Flesh of our bodies
Merged into one
A perfect fit
Inside of me
My body succumbs
To your strength
All I am
Defenses down
I just can't fight

a living hell

I've been purple and blue,
By so many of you.
Now this is what I do,
The inside is permanently a scar.
Why did any of it have to go so far.
I no longer can be at peace
My tears no longer can release
I've become numb from my past pain
That even blood falls like rain
I hate all of you who hurt me
Why couldnt you just let me be
From the time I was only a child
You started this hole,
The one I had to surround with walls so tall
So that I'd never snich, I'd never cry, I'd never tell
My mind become a living hell!

I wasnt the one

I want to crawl inside myself
To escape what you think you know
The truths you’ll never see
The honesty you’ll never hear
Your eyes are blinded by something else
A covering you want to believe
Can you ever get past yourself?
To see the real true
You think you know so much
When really you know nothing
The false sense of security
Is all you really have
When will you open your eyes?
When will you not be deaf?
You think you’ve been around
Have experiences untold
Nothing you could say or do
Will ever justify your acts
You talk about trust and love
Do you even know the meaning?
Have you searched the significance?
Love is more than fast ones and con jobs
Trust is more than betrayal and lies,
You think you’ve been betrayed
Tell me, how do you figure?
I wasn’t the one,
Who asked about my clit
I wasn’t the one,
Who asked how many fingers
I wasn’t the one,
Who wanted to go further

you call

As crazy as it sounds
I wish so badly you would call
but when you do
because we both know eventually you will
I don’t know what to say
do I swallow my pride again?
Like all those times before?
Or do I confess my hate?
How can it be that I love you
When I can speak a thousand reasons
Why I should hate you
And every time I somehow find a way
To forgive you, again
Push away the pain and deny the past
Its different this time
At least that’s what I convince myself
I’m so sick of this
Of caring about you
And wanting you to be near.
I find an awkward comfort being with you
I’m just so use to the tension,
the denial, and the hurt.
When you call
I’ll attempt to control my instinct
To instantly pick up the phone
I’ll see your number staring about at me
And breathe in deep
I don’t need to hear your familiar voice, right?

i dont know you

When you come to me and ask for advice
When you call me on the phone
My heart is crying from deep in my soul
The words you are saying
The ones ringing in my ear are upsetting
And I feel I have failed you completely
Seriously I think I did
I don't know you
How can I?
You’re just not the one I have comfort in
You are not that one
Yet I hear the same tone
Your name is still printed correctly
But yet your personality is gone
Or at least the one I loved
It cannot be a choice of anger
To write what I fee
lI don't know you
And now I wonder if I ever have
Your speaking with feelings unheard of
Questioning things never asked
I don't know you
Is the simple fact

i act

I act like a child
Who is wild and crazy
And who does not care
What you think about her
Because she is happy
With what she is
And what she has become
And the laughs
Don’t bother her
Because she is happy
With what she is
They look her in the eyes
and they call her
immature and wrong
she just looks at them
into their eyes
and she thanks them
for what they are doing
because it makes her
stronger you see

house full of rage

This house is so full of rage
it makes me wish I could turn the page
just once
not twice or anymore
someday I wish
I could leave
just get out and
leave this place
this house is full of rage

beautiful sight

I can’t sleep, I’m not tired again tonight
so I lay in the dark putting up a fight
sometimes I see things that aren’t there
my eyes turn white, and I get scared
it’s over now. I made it out somehow
it’s so easy for you to make me break
and every opportunity I give, you take
you say you love me
but you know you cause me misery like no other
don’t say you love me
deny your lover, deny me, you know you love her
you’re everything I covet
you know it.
And you love it
I wish I were more open and outspoken
I wish I could take off my disguise
I wish I would tell you my life isn’t broken
but I’m too tired right now to lie
more pills to drift me off to sleep tonight.
I hope I wake up to a beautiful sight

holow inside

Hollow inside,
your eyes never cry
lonely and dieing
won't let anyone close enough to heal the pain,
and tragedy you endure
faking strong doesn't get you anywhere
rotten with intentions,
yet blooming for affection
what is wrong with you mind?
Do you think you deserve that much from anyone?
After the bullshit and lies you spread,
after they cry and need help getting back up,
from being pushed away so roughly,
by the hands you claimthe mirror is there,
but you’re blind to your own image
blind to it all
never seeing the bad in your eyes
yet looking away at the glare of the light
too much to accept
so live the life of a lie
becoming colder and colder each day
not giving but wanting,
never saying sorry to all that you hurted
just going on as if everything’s okay
its simpler for the blind
the blind in heart and mind

Dont know how

There’s something that I can not hide
There’s something leaking from my eyes
Something’s following me from behind.
There’s something that I have to give
Before there’s no more reason to live
I have to let it freeI need to, have to let it go
There’s something that you have to know
This secrets eating me alive
I just want to sit and cryI’m crying, I’m falling
I’m fading away
It's taking over my eternity I need to, have to let it out
I want to tell you but I don’t know how.


Words spoken softly,
the secrets they unveil,
Can you even hear me?
Promise you will not tell,
The secret that I tell,
I hope you will not fail,
I really need to tell you this,
Promise you will not tell,
I have a secret story,
My own special tale,
Just listen to me please,
And promise not to tell!

how to let you go

Let You Go
I can't go on like this
It's time for me to let go
The promises
I made you
The lies that I spit
For everything we had
I don't know if I can let go
I don't want to do it
But I know I must do it
It's getting too late
I still love you
And I don't know how to let you go
The childish sayings
The little things done
There's nothing I can do I know
I have to do it
There's no reason to it anymore
You'll have to forgive me
I have to forgive me
It's getting too late
I still love you
And I don't know how to let you go

hes not here

The words he said,
And the actions he did,
Hurt me more than anyone could before,
Now I’m sitting here,
Soft hearted and week,
But you know what?
At least he's not here too.

have you ever

Have you ever been sitting in a crowd and realized that you were alone?
Have you ever held out your hand in friendship and gotten slapped away?
Have you ever been told that someone enjoyed your company and then avoided you?
Have you ever felt like something was wrong with you and you had no idea why?
Have you ever tried your very best to impress someone and fell flat on your face?
Have you ever gone away and no one wondered where you were?
Have you ever truly loved and not had it returned?
Hace you ever written something important to you and no one read it?

you dont know me

You don't know me.
You think you do,
but you have never seen the real me.
I am not a person you would want to take home.
If you knew what was really in my heart
you would run and never look back.
There is a demon lurking behind these eyes.
A heart of stone lives within.
I can walk away and never look back.
I can leave everything here
and start a new life
that you would not recognize.
Remorse is not a part of my make up.
Lethal I could be.
I watch you move like a lamb in the meadow
waiting to be attacked.
It makes me drool with lust.
Cross me and I can rip out your soul with one look.
So you think you know.
Think again!
I chose to shout the door long ago.
Do not open it.
Do not pull in the rusted handle.
Do not unlock the bolt.
The heavy wooden door is the passage
way back to feelings from another life.
It is a hall that I do not want to travel down again.
The demons that rest there are shackled to the floor.
That is where they need to stay.
To face them again would be the end of my world.
They would take over my mind
and leave me chained inside.
All my treasures would be stolen in the night.
So, please go away and leave it closed.
Please go away and leave my heart alone.

hidden pain

Hidden Pain
When you look at me what do you see?
Do you see someone who is young?
Someone who is happy?
If that is what you see, look again
Because that is not the real me
Look past the smile and into my eyes
It is true what they say, eyes do not lie
For they are the windows to my spirit and soul
It is there you will find the secrets untold
The pain of my past
The uncertainty of my future
This is the real me
The "me" I don't let others see
Because to show this would make me weak
All my life I've tried to be strong
For 19 years I've tried to hold on
But now my soul is getting tired
And my spirit is dying
It is getting harder and harder to keep trying
Giving up seems so easy
Just letting life go, all the bad memories
But deep down inside
I know there must be a better way for me
I know I will have to keep fighting if I ever want to be free
So fight I will for that invisible goal
I know it will be hard
I need not be told
Just pray for me that in this battle I will stand tall
And please stand by me, help me not to fall
If I should lose this fight
Then it just was not meant to be
Please don't be sad, don't cry for me
For whether I am here or not, I won't be in such misery.

consumes you

You consume it, but wait
it consumes you just the same
it’s this cycle I truly hate
shower down my face like crying rain
is it worth everything to lose?
I just cant decide what to do
because of the things you choose
I cry for you all and I hate you
I hate because of my aching heart
to see you die slowly in my eyes
such fun will rip you completely apart
preventing this, no one more than I try
it hurts but its no use of me
you'll never learn or see my way
I want the person you used to be
before another drug, takes you away

hate in a shot glass

Drunken minds are clumsy
and stumble thru my pain,
then dance with every tear,
like tango in the rain.
Open eyes of solitude,
Stare into my soul,
and drown inside my hope,
infecting self-control.
Reaching arms grow closer;
Fingernails graze my heart,
Miniature incisions,
Tear my world apart.
My heart is pounding faster,
Tears fall from my eyes,
Preparing for insanity's mental homicide.
Lips savor my torment,
Revolting flavors in disguise,
And when corruption kills me,
Please don’t be surprised.
Desperations pull me under
Hungry for my life,
Tasting candy coated sin,
And fiending in the night.
Hate seeping through my pores,
and spill onto my fate,
all attempts to save my soul,
Will be an eternity too late.
I’m chin deep in sorrow,
And love is sinking fast,
Attempting to rid the pain
With hate in a shot glass.

fuck this

Fuck this world
fuck this place
fuck my friends
fuck this race
fuck this shit that we call love
fuck the weed and fuck the drugs
fuck the sex that is so great
fuck your moms and fuck your dads
fuck the gangs
fuck the guns
fuck the people you call friends
Cuz in the end it's fucked so.
Fuck this world
fuck this place
fuck this shit, life’s a game

Dreams of night

Dreams of night
To take you there
Passion folds
Inside of me
Nothing more than
Just the need
Takes my mind
To fantasy

endless nothing

Thoughts inside
Of days gone by
Deceptions made
Of those you trust
Not knowing now
Of which is right
Reminiscing still
Of times you lived
Behold the wrong
Of those you love
Listen closely
Of their lies
Hear them speak
Of endless nothing

destroyed me

You have destroyed me,
what was left of me anyway.
I couldnt take it anymore the games you play.
But I still wake up.
Empty space in my heart
why did you have to play?
Why did you have to say,
those words?
And I cant get you out of my head
you ask, do I understand?
No I dont, but it hurts,
as shards of my own hate pierce my flesh.
Once again
once again just like every other guy
you tore out my heart.
Left me alone to pick up what remained.
But this time I havent the strength
to pick myself up.
And I dont, I dont give a fuck about you,
about the world, about anything.
I dont know whats true
all I know is
that I was completely in love with you.
But oh what a way to be broken,
in the gentle hands of love.
Soft, gentle-breakable
Un-like the glass heart that they once held.

dont want to go home

I dont want to go home right now
Not now
not when everything feels right
not when I feel complete
not when I am in heaven
Heaven on this hellish earth
I dont get this often
any day in my life
Dont make me go home now
I dont want to move anywhere
Anywhere but here
Am I wrong?
To still be happy
still feel so over the world
when I have no right to feel so
when the only thing I ever want
had already been diminished
by a simple truth
I feel like shit
cause theres no one else to blame
No one to shoulder my rage
No one I could curse at
except for myself
for falling so hard
Its all my fault
for breaking down
in my own way
for crying
these silent tears
for carrying
this burden on my entire self
I dont ever want
to be the person Id become
but I couldnt choose
I dont want to go home

all the same

Next time you see me
dont look at me that way
Next time you smile at me
Ill turn the other way
Im no fool
not even for you
Im no fool
for the things you do
Its all a game
its all the same
Dont call me "baby"
dont try to be the one
to tell me everything will be alright
Dont say you love me
love has died in my heart
the way your words die in my mind
Don't call me "baby"
its all the same
all the same
What I dont understand
is how you forget so easily
theres blood on your hands
hearts break easily
Im fine on my own
all through crying over you
Im fine all alone
much better off without you
Dont call me "baby"
nothing you can say
is ever gonna make it right
Dont say you love me
Ive shut the door
and locked my heart up tight
Dont call me "baby"
It's all the same
all the same

sole work of the devil

The demons block my view
Their aura fills my chest
I breathe in their demonic thoughts
They put me to the test
I sink into their mindset
My world's a living hell
How long I can withstand it
Only time will tell
My body is their temple
I sink down to their level
The drugs I take are demons
The sole work of the devil.

Screaming, Wailing, Crying

Screaming, Wailing, Crying
A wave of hurt inside
Gashes in my heart
Cant be seen in my eyes
The calm before the storm
The sun burning bright
No clouding in the sky
Fresh air and morning light
The happiness inside
Not lasting very long
Sadness taking over
Yet I’ve done nothing wrong
I’ve fallen down, please help me
Take a grasp upon my hand
Help me out and take me
To someplace where I can stand
Don’t laugh at my misfortunes
Its not my fault
I cry out loud
Don’t ask about my wounds
Self inflicted cuts are not "allowed"

cruel intentions

Cruel intentions
Are what you had
When we were together
you did nothing but make me sad
I let you into my heart
Now I feel used
I will never again let anyone get that close
because my trust was abused
You planned it all along
I knew it in my head
That cruel intentions were all you ever had

rage inside of me

Rage inside me
I can’t contain
Fighting more
To just remain calm
You want control
I want release
To get away
From your hold
Listen now
And listen good
Get the fuck
Out of my business
I don’t want you
Or even need you

see thru you

Hate fills me
Love awaits me
Fire consumes me
No water can quench me
Rain falls on me
Angers churns in me
Eyes glare upon me
Daggers pierce through me
Lies devour you
Terror inflates you
Emptiness consumes you
No honor can find you
I look at you
Beginning to know you
I try not to hate you
Seeing right through you

Thursday, July 27, 2006

self hating girl

Same cold steel blade
stained with last nights crimson pain
same place tonight
same knife to the same vein
I lick my blood
and suck my wound
sit tastes like pain
and hurts like you
a sick little self healing ritual
to forget about another wasted day
but this is the night I go too far
today I kill all the shame away
watch me kill myself
and know that Im doing it for you
everything I get the courage to say
you fucking say you already knew
Ive shown you the worst side of me
no wonder you think the worst of me
you used to take pity on me
but now youre just fucking glad you aint me
glad its not your body
cut up and slit open to the world
glad as fucking anything
youre not this rotten self hating girl

shut the fuck up

I read through your lies
Your words of concern
They're not what they seem
I've seen your true side
You've convinced everyone
That your love is sincere
They don't see what I do
When we're left all alone
The words that you speak
Assumptions you make
Not listening to me
But to all of my "friends"
You don't even know me
So shut the fuck up


Lover's fire
Burns within
Passion flowing
Deep inside
Heart are pounding
Flesh on flesh
Perfect timing
Bodies move
Caress and touch
Fevers rise
Only ceasing
At the time
Boiling temps
Sweaty skin
Just released


Finding me
The one I lost
The picture not
What I used to be
Now I'm here
A different place
Loving all
I'm seeing now
Passion heats
Inside my soul
Desires rise
I never knew
Rekindling what
I knew was there
Hidden far
Beneath the surface
Hungry for more
Can you handle
All that I am
The new and the old
Merging before you
Inside of me
Stronger now
Than the past
Searching for
The things I need

sharpened lies

The soul cries out from infinite pain.
The heart die slowly from jagged rain.
The drops of rain sharpened by the hands of your lies.
The heart brutally beaten, you laugh as it dies.
Fresh skin slit under the blades of your tongue.
You speak cruel words "come on baby isnt this fun?"
I bleed, I strain, and I cry jagged tears.
Sharpened by the hands of your lies.
My soul brutally beaten you laugh as it dies.

shes a little

Shes a little crazy
Shes a little mad
Shes a little shy
Shes a little sad
Shes a little happy
Shes a little blue
Shes a little girl
Shes a little lost too
Shes a little scared
Shes a little down
Shes a little girl
With a little frown
Shes a little girl
Shes a little me
Shes a little dead
Or soon will be
Shes a little girl

scared and scarred

Leave me alone
I'll be fine
It didnt bleed a lot
my only hope is tha
tmy life is next in line
The pain starts to seep in
I shut my eyes
and hold my breath
try to secure my cries
Im scared of my future
Im scared of my life
Im scared of him and them
Im scared to cut any deeper, but
I leave it all up to the knife
Im sick of lifeI try to shout
but "no reason," or "I dont know"
is all that comes out
I’m sick of me, I’m sick of being sad
I’m sick of you telling me
that I shouldnt be so mad.

shes gone

Searching, looking, seeking
Where did she go?
She appeared just the other day
In the blink of an eye,
She was here,
She was gone
So many plans she said
So many losses I have given her
I had no solace to offer
So off she went
Leaving me alone to
Crying for what I should have done
For what I should have been
The things I've seen
Her innocence I've lost

remember me

Remember me?
I doubt you do
You played with my heart
And found it cool
You didnt care
And you werent aware
People do have feelings
Yours just arent there
So if you do fall in love one day
I hope they play your little game

shocked that I would leave

Youre shocked that I would leave you
Is it really such a shock?
It kind of was determined
the second you first hit me
my heart was smothered in pain
it rained
for hours
my eyes they did rain
for hours
you never saw
still how is it so easy
for you to not care
your apathy wears away at me
I can no longer bear the abuse
That which Im given by no means
can be confused into love
I know what youre doing
so dont act like youre blind or then again,
maybe you are
I was taken for a prop?
A love machine?
You could use and
then put down what are we doing this for?
To cause each other tears
or to make a brighter way
if you love you wouldn't say what you say
if you love me you would love ME every day
So Im going to leave you
now you say you cry and you blame it all on me
now you say I lie but I never lied
Ive just had enough of being mistreated
Again by the one I gave my very soul and trust to
I loved your great compassionate heart from the day I met you
what has happened to the compassionwhat has filled it's space?
That you forgot to give and saw me only for what you could take
I never thought I would hear the words you said today
I never thought you could deface me that way
I thought love was here but that was a mistake
Dont ever say you love me
when you can hurt me though I try
and never think twice
I ask God why

art of mating

Stolen, lost and plucked free of childhood innocence
Wasnt abandoned, as they wish to see
I didnt give it up, I was 3
If I could go back in time, I wouldnt
Nothing would change
Id still be me, youd still be you
Theyd still be them
You won them over somehow
It wasnt your personality
Even as a young child, I seen the fraud
Yet you were still allowed to touch me
To take away form me something
Ill never get back
He, touches me, I hate you
And him in the process
Its not right,
I hate to be hugged
I hate to be kissed,
The thought of his tongue brings me back
I never scream though
For this you would be proud.
You win I lose
But hes not a winner
As bad as it may sound
He loses gracefully.
In the art of mating
Im in control,
Or so I used to think
But really, its you
Its your touch I fight
Its your kiss I hate
Hes lost somewhere in the middle

the treatment

The Treatment
There was a time I was a child
Though I can't remember this
There was a time when I was young
That's the way they say it is
I must accept the information
They give me 'bout my youth
Without it there is emptiness
And that's the total truth
The fact is I remember not
Years within my life
I've only bits and pieces
And of those I cannot write
I went to some professionals
To look into my past
They came to their conclusions
Then set about their task
Now if you treat the symptoms
The disease will still exist
But what if you treat the disease
And the symptoms yet persist?
It seems something is wrong
When this is the case
So I look for a ray
But I see not a trace
Time passes by as symptoms increase
Depression, fear, anxiety,
And dreams that are recurring
Which make no sense to me
I once thought of suicide
As a permanent solution
It seemed the perfect answer
To the painful evolution
I know for me to take my life
Would end their lives as well
And the permanent solution
Means an eternity of hell

the mask

The Mask
In a desperate search for safety
I twist, I turn, I hide.
Running from the fear
The fear deep down inside.
It makes me shake, and want to cry.
This fear inside of me.
All I do is hold it in,
So no one else can see.
I can only wonder why,
And if it's even real.
"Who is this?"
"Where'd I go?"
Is really what I feel.
What lies behind this mask I wear
No one seems to see.
Even when I look inside
I know it isn't me.
The pain,
The hurt,
The anger,
It’s all I ever know.
Sometimes I look into their eyes
And wonder,
"Does it show?"
The fear they've caused,
The pain I feel, I'll never let them see.
I am ashamed of what they've done
Even though it wasn't me.
Will I ever find myself?
This I do not know.
I know she's hiding there inside,
But is she strong enough to show?

the girl isnt me

There's a girl in my mirror crying tonight,
and there's nothin I can tell her
to make her feel alright.
There are black streaks
on her face left by mascara tears
and nothin at all
can silence her fears.
She thought she had it all
Never knew how hard she could fall,
standing amidst the rubble and debris
That girl in the mirror
doesn't look like me.

the end

Their words became painful whips against my pride. The yelling which pounded inside my head left me with headaches so bad I couldnt stand it. I tried so hard to fight them, day after day, but it became harder and they grew stronger. The more I fought, the weaker I became. My body couldnt handle their immense power, and my mind couldnt handle their thrashing. I soon began to withdraw my innerself, my true form, from the world. The things I once loved became shadows of a forgotten life. I preferred to pass the time alone in my darkened room with but a single candle to light my proceedings. At least here I could cry without shame, here I could fight them without being heard. This was my sanctuary, and although I was not safe in it, I was alone. I could escape the judgment of the cruel world; I could accomplish what needed to be done. I let the silence surround me, and the darkness engulf me, drawing me into my darkened hole. I would shine the razor, glistening and silver in the dull light, allowing it to cast a haunting shadow on the adjacent wall, and then I would cut my pain away. My mind would go blank as the ecstasy of this pain presented itself. As I cut, they urged me on, they told me that when I stopped, my shame would return. So for them I continued until that piece of my skin was swollen and red. I couldn’t fight them. Twenty years of crimson pain were shed upon the cold hard floor that night. No longer was I expected to fake a smile, no longer did I have to lie. No sound escaped my tear soaked lipsas I quietly wept, alone on the white ceramic of my bathtub. Such a fitting end to my lonely life, I was alone in this world, I was alone in death, but at least I would finally be truly alone. No longer would I have to endure the dry, raspy voice, which had caused so much pain and doubt in my life. No longer would I have to fear his childish words, convincing me of my death, as he told me glorious stories of a friendship I could have, a friendship which could never be. The voices were gone for the first time in years and they would never come back. As I lie there on the ground, the life draining from my pale bloodstreaked body I could hear everything. I could understand the quiet lyrics as they sang to me their cyanide secrets and deadly dreams. I could hear my dogs quietly sniffing at the door questioningly. In those last few minutes, I listened to the water, rushing from the silver faucet, which had been turned on to conceal my last cries. I heard the drain swallowing the water, which had mixed with my maroon blood and salted tears. In those last moments, everything had become so clear, the cloak of secrecy had been lifted off me, I sat there, exposed to the world. I remember the peaceful calm, which swept over me like a comforting blanket. I can still see that last image of my blood, my life, flowing majestically down the drain in a wondrous hue, I finally finished that which I had started so many times. As I exhaled my last breath, two words escaped my lips, which had protected sso many secrets before now. “Im free” With these words I closed my eyes and let my life flee from me, for I never feared death, I feared life with out death.

cant take my soul

The pain I feel
Is something you don't see
These things haunt my soul
They have let me become who I am today
The things I see in my dreams
Soon become reality
And they are all set free
Like demons coming out of a box
That haunt everyone I know
The demons get released
Every time I close my eyes
When I see the demons coming to take away my soul
I feel the need to run and hide
To try and save myself
But they tend to find me
Wherever they may be
Soon enough they'll find me
And then they'll take my soul
These demons that I fight
Seem to always win
No matter what I doI'll always lose control
There's no hope for me
So before these little demons come to take my soul
I'll slit my wrist and my throat
So then those demons can't take my soul.

to buy a little time

Drugs are bad!
Yes I know,
but, there is nothing,
I wouldnt give for another toke,
just one more smoke,
give me a drink,
so I can think,
just one more line,
its not a crime,
Ill buy a lil’ time,
time away,
away from his place,
my god I’m such a disgrace!!


When I close my eyes
I see the past.
I close them tightly to make the vision last.
Change has come
It's happening every day.
I can't go backthere is no way.
I'm growing upIt's all too soon.
I ask myself these things when I stare at the moon.
Why does change happen when it hurts so bad?
My emotions about it are neither happy nor sad.
You can't stop itthere is no way.
Change is coming
It's coming today.

censor me

Censor me censor me censor me
yeah ill be your golden angel
Ill be the one you show off
Ill be the picture perfect one
have I told you today to fuck off?
Censor me censor me censor me
Ill care what they think
Ill fit into their tiny molds
Ill be that picture perfect girl
have I told you today to fuck off?
Censor me censor me censor me
Ill do whatever you say
Ill never question your orders
Ill be that robot you wanted
have I told you today to fuck off?
Censor me censor me censor me
Ill be the pretty little centerpiece
Ill complete your happy lies
Ill be seen and not heard
have I told you today to FUCK OFF?
Go on and censor me censor me
Ill never realize the irony
Ill become just like you
Ill be the mini version of you
have I told you today to fuck off?

cant sleep

I cant sleep, Im not tired again tonight
so I lay in the dark putting up a fight
sometimes I see things that aren’t there
my eyes turn white, and I get scared
its over now. I made it out somehow
its so easy for you to make me break
and every opportunity I give, you take
you say you love me
but you know you cause me misery like no other
dont say you love me
deny your lover, deny me, you know you love her
youre everything I covet
you know it. And you love it
I wish I were more open and outspoken
I wish I could take off my disguise
I wish I would tell you my life isn’t broken
but Im too tired right now to lie
more pills to drift me off to sleep tonight.
I hope I wake up to a beautiful sight

refuse to believe

The things I can see about you
no one else does
the things that are buried deep inside
just because,you're scared.
I don't know why you try to hide
so much from me,your big fake smile
isn't gonna make me not see
all the pain inside.
I'm real,
I don't believe what people tell me,
I believe what I see.
And what I see right now
is a man who is hurting so badly inside
that he doesn't even realize it anymore
because he's learned to ignore it.
And this shield you've built up
around your true self is invisible to me
because I refuse to believe bullshit.

call me a child

You call me a child
and tell me to grow up
instructing me how to live my life
teaching me how to behave
but at the same time you
tell me how you are madly
in love with me
and thats why you fuss at me
like a child
well if I'm a child
and youre in love with me
that makes you a pedophile
and Im not about to stand here
and be lectured by some pervert
who thinks he is better then me
so Ill just move on

Saturday, July 22, 2006

kiss of death

Welcome to my degenerator
I would explain but I don't care!
I'd much rather see you suffer
Pain indescribable.
Tear out your organs with a simple toothpick!
Take a look at the world around you
Just before you die
Let me here you scream!
There's another side of Hell!
It's me, only me.
It's my death machine and me.
It erases you gene by gene
Until your world falls down.
Yes, you bastard
Let the tears flow.
Before your eyes
So much you can't see anymore.
Neglect is a dream
And your sleep medication.
Prepare for my wake
And your suffocation.
Take a look at the world that shuns you.
It blows a kiss to you
The kiss of death!

cant see it anymore

I didn't mean to do it.
I thought that they would not be seen.
I thought that all the shit
Was done by machine.
Well, ignorance
Is recklessness,
I now can see.
I now can cry and beg
Down on my knees.
I did a simple task
And it kicked me in the ass
Expect the FBI
Waiting to the side
As I count the hours
I look at all the scars
Those things gave to me
And I can't see me anymore

can you relate

My minds not thinking clearly
And my words aren't coming out right.
I have to say the opposite
Just to not start a fight.
My face is getting acne; my knees are getting weak,
From the stress of this cold cruel life.
From pointing out the obvious.
From hiding from the hype.
Am I alone or
Can any of you relate?
Doc says take some pills
And the shrink says to masturbate
Well, my hands always moving
And my eyes are never closed.
Round and round this life go
Where it stops nobody knows.
The secrets given to me are
Secrets I already know.
The more and more that I seem to grow
The more often I overload.
Am I alone or
Can any of you relate?
Doc says take some pills
And the shrink says to masturbate.
Have you forgotten
Or can you still all relate?
Are you still being given pills?
Are you still told to masturbate?

list girl

I'm a list girl
And I count
And I add more
And I cross out
And I'm adding
And I'm adding
And I'm adding it up
Cross out that
Knocked out that
But I'm adding
Always adding
And it grows and grows and grows
And it grows and keeps on growing
Here I cross
There I cross
But it's growing growing growing
Groaning as it's growing
The infernal list of items
On the detestable To-Do list.
The taskmaster from hell.
That commands and dictates my moments
Sucked away into the abyss
The infinite sea of uncompleted tasks
Awaiting your attention
Finish me! Cross me out!
I've been here forever!
You know I must get done!
Quit procrastinating!
And it grows
And it sucks
And it consumes my life.
It's insurmountable.
The unquenchable thirst
Of the cancerous list of tasks.

voices in my head

The voices in my head
will speak
Like a classroom
when the teacher leaves,
or pets
left alone and hungry
But they are only there
because theyve got me
to listen to them
The voices in my head
will not be quiet
Not until I am
The voices in my head
are speaking above the music
Like a fool of a DJ
reciting this weeks number one
Maybe somebody else
would enjoy this
But Im banging on the walls
knocking at the doors
Turn the volume down
and leave the party

given up

I cant get out of bed
I cant face yet another day
I cant put on my smiling mask yet again
I cant hope for any better than yesterday
I cant. I wont
I wont pretend to be something Im not
I wont go through my daily torture
I wont hurt again
I wont get out of bed
Ive given up.

falling apart

Just rocking myself to sleep here,
Feeling like death is quite near,
Only holding my own aching head,
Tossing and turning in my own bed,
This feeling of loneliness is aching,
I now I find I am shaking,
Salt water rising to my eyes,
Overflowing with the tears I despise.
I can't see anymore,
Within my chest my heart has tore,
A crystalline crack of my soul's window pane,
Now my tears are cascading like summer rain.
I can't keep pretending you are still alive
I must realize of your presence I've been deprived.
I wish I could bring you back somehow,
I wish I could see you now,
But wishes won't bring you back, nothing will,
The thought of that makes my heart stand still.
These wounds of mine won't heal,
This hurt seems all to real.
Can't I stop this pain?
Can't I just will it all away?
Shake my free of it clawing grasp,
Destroy the thing that makes me gasp,
Fall in upon myself on endless torment,
No one to hear my forlorn lament.
It hurts; help me, my poor heart,
Please hold me I'm falling apart.

meant to feel

Words evade me,
While my mind tries to persuade me,
To feel something inside,
Something that shows I'm alive;
But no, emotions elude me.
Is this how it is meant to be?
That I should feel this hollow inside,
Has my compassion really died?
Where does my hope now dwell?
And from where comes this anger I can't quell?
I hold myself, all alone here,
No one hear to sooth my fear,
That I won't be able to feel anymore,
That I'll just stay nothing to my core.
No aemons here for me to fight,
Yet there is neither joy or light.
Only myself and my mind's turmoil,
Who's pain will soon be coming to boil.
But no again, for me to escape,
On top of it all my soul is at stake.
I try not to let depression take hold,
Though my friends say I am being much to bold,
I'm clinging on a cliff's ledge,
A few centimeters and I'll be falling off the edge.
Falling further and further from sanity,
Loosing all my sense of reality.
I just want something to realize all these tears.
My heart and soul from their salt sears.
But to them I appear only cynical,
They can't see my hurt has come to a pinnacle,
Trapped in this burning void within,
Making me feel like a deadly sin.
Perhaps I am,
But then, do I even give a damn?
I hate pity and sympathy,
And I am not too fond of empathy.
I am in a living nightmare,
My control is hanging by a single hair.
Nothing right now seems quite real,
I don't even know how I am meant to feel.

inspired to nightmare

Running, running, tripping, falling
Shivering, screaming, slipping, crawling
Screaming I wake, gasping for breath
Trembling I wail wanting my death
Tormented I am in my sleep
To all this pain that makes me weep
I live in a world of forgotten hope
There are no dreams to help me cope
My days are a perpetual night
Which is a demon that I cannot fight
I see people who can't open their eyes
And a world that is wrapped in lies
I behold this hideousness everyday
And for it to be gone I pray
I don't want to be blinded my ignorance
which humans build up as their defense
I want to see the joy and the pain
I want to go dance in the acid rain
I want to show you what I see
I want you to see how this world could be
So I let these demons haunt my night
Showing me the pain and all life's plights
To dream? Should I? Do I dare?
No but I am inspired to nightmare

in my head

I woke up and they were in there
they didnt settle in
they moved in on me
I made room for them
and offered them a cup of tea
they raided the fridge
scattered bits of food on the floor
I sat in the corner
they rearranged the furniture around me
and crowded in on me
I tried to join them
but they werent having any of it
they pushed me to the wall
and stamped around loudly
I turned on the radio
they smashed it and played with the pieces
I tried ignoring them
but they wouldnt get out of my way
in the end I gave up and went to bed
when I woke up they were in there

to be the last time

Was it to be the last time?
It had been several years
Since the very first occasion
Had brought me close to tears.
You may well wonder what I mean
For I myself don't know.
But it's inside the thought will count
And nothing's left to show.
These four years were very long
But eventually elapsed.
An hour of time to less than minutes
Sometimes was collapsed,
Lie there now, and ask me if
It was the last such time.
And there is, sadly, no way left
You can call what I did a crime.
Was it to be the last time?
I certainly hope so.
But until we see it wasn't,
We'll never surely know.

mental home

The mental home they call it
where all mad people go
I am afraid, nowhere to turn,
and nowhere to go.
Padded cells,
no way out you can scream
and they won't hear you.
The voices start calling
and they want to take over
you let them
and you're there lying on the floor
with nothing left worth living for.
You want to end you life
but you’re on suicide watch everyday
you think to yourself
surely hell is a better place.
The screams of other victims
in the cells next door
can make you want to bury yourself
in the stone cold floor.
And that’s where you stop living
you want to die
but you can't and that hurts
and you cry
and that’s when you've hit it
that’s when your really mad.
and you've lost it!

I wasnt there

This morning came and went,
I hear.
I don't know - I wasn't there.
I remember nothing then,
I fear.
Fast asleep,
I didn't care.
I sat the journey there and back
And could not stay awake.
Began to show, those hours I lack.
Not even woken with a shake.
But now we have completely
Our own relative situations.
I'm wide awake while you're deranged
Conducting no conversations.
What happened today I cannot recall.
With luck, maybe nothing really at all.

my little room

Here I am again
I just love being in my little room.
I am safe here and no one can get to me.
Here there is quiet.
So I just snuggle down the best I can.
And turn off the light.

bedlam renewed

The preacher stopped by
and all was grand
We all gathered round
and prayed
hand in hand
but when he was gone
the closeness went too
the bible put away
and the bedlam renewed

I wish I hadnt

Every day I wake up
And wish I hadn’t.
If only I had stayed asleep
I wouldn’t have to face the day.
Wouldn’t have to pretend
to be someone I’m not
My mask suffocates me
It’s so hard to breathe
Behind this smiling mask I act.
No one knows who I am anymore
I don’t remember who I once was
My character has merged with me
The edges are not so clear anymore
Not so different.
I appear happy
While my soul is tearing itself apart
I am being destroyed
Inside out
And no one will know
Until it’s too late.


Phantom pain
intimately recalled
that curled up
wordless kind of fear
a small child's death wish
and blanketed,
thumb sucking

stay or leave

I will be sincere
I really need you here
I don’t know what’s wrong
I feel I don’t belong
should I let you in my heart
so you can rip it apart
or maybe this is real
hold me.
Help me deal
I don’t wanna be me
all the hidden things you don’t see
its all deep down inside
endless nights I have cried
one day I will let you into see all my pain and sin
but first tell me this is true
because I, I really love you
Will you stay or will you leave?

its you

Stolen, lost and plucked free of childhood innocence
Wasn't abandoned, as they wish to see
I didn't give it up, I was 3
If I could go back in time,
I wouldn't
Nothing would change
I'd still be me, you'd still be you
They'd still be them
You won them over somehow
It wasn't your personality
Even as a young child, I seen the fraud
Yet you were still allowed to touch me
To take away form me something
I'll never get back
He, touches me, I hate you
And him in the process
It's not right,
I hate to be hugged
I hate to be kissed,
The touch of his tongue brings me back
I never scream though
For this you would be proud.
You win I lose
But he's not a winner
As bad as it may sound
He loses gracefully.
In the art of mating
I'm in control,
Or so I used to think
But really, it's you
It's your touch I fight
It's your kiss I hate
He’s lost somewhere in the middle

never hurt me

Afraid to be free and to love with an open heart.
To lay my soul down upon the chopping block.
This is no reason for this fear.
But I have felt the pain before.
I don't want to feel that empty again.
You say that you love me
but then I see the doubt in your eyes.
You promised that you would never hurt me.
When the time came to stand strong
you faltered and fell like a wet cookie in the rain.
How am I to trust you now.
You come to me and say the same again.
Promising that you will never hurt me.
Will you falter again when society
tries to come between us
Because they don't see the love?
I want to believe your words
but my heart has crawled behind that wall
and is braced like a dog going to the vet.
I don't know if I can dig out from behind this shield again.
It took so much the first time.
You promised that you would never hurt me.

to give a fuck

To give a fuck,
Would mean a lie.
To cry again,
I’d die.
The pain,
I’ve promised myself,
To never feel again.
So I’ll sit alone,
Or in your arms,
With a smile across my face.
PrayingI’d never do again
Just what I’m doing now
My life is circling
Every time I see my future
I’m brought back to my past
Left alone with a paper and a pen
A keyboard and a fifth
Another link unto my past
So I sit with a false smile across my face
A pain in my chest, that can never be undone

Never again

That look in your eye
I’ll never forget
To give up would mean failure
To quit would mean uncertainties
I never meant to hurt you
That which you must understand
I’d die a million deaths
Be raped a thousand times
Cry a river of tears
To simply not see that look in your eyes
Not hatred or fear
Which I see every minute
But pity for a soul
Who can never see past the pain
You allow me to stay lost
To try would mean too much pain
One neither of us could bear
So I sit quietly and cry all alone
Of these things he done
The pain he caused
To not me
But you
He came into my life
With a promise of friendship
A trust unquestioned
I failed my life, and myself
I trusted what would never happened
And hurt us all in the end
My weakness apparent
He left me there
Crying all alone in your bed
Praying for your forgiveness
Wanting your reassuring touch
Yet knowing I’d never feel it again

I dont need it

You say that you care for me,
But there's something you don't know.
Once a man forced me to go
Where I didn't want to go.
He held me down, he hit me.
No matter the fight I fought
He enjoyed the screams and tears
Relished in the sight of blood
As he cast me into the pits of hell;
When it was done, I felt like he
Had pierced my soul with nails.
Oh, my man, I can't go on.
How can I tell the rest?
As he forced himself inside
That ugly, fateful day.
He ignored my demands, my begs, my pleas,
And even my imploring.
I still have nightmares about that day
In which he visits me again.
So if I wake up crying in your arms,
Don't worry, it's not you, it's him.
However, I'm doing a little better
Each and every day.
Although he left me in hell to die,
I'm now on the back.
So my man, I just thought you should know,
Since you say you care.
But will you care now
Now that you know where I’ve been
Will you still care now that you know
I'll sometimes wake you up,
Sniffling, crying, shaking in fear,
You say you want to know
And will accept it
No matter what I say;
But will you still
After I've said this today?
Although I'd like your help and comfort
I can do it without.
Although I'd like your help, I don't need it,

lover not a partner

I’m not asking for commitment,
And your heart I do not need,
All that I really want from you,
Is written here for you to read.
I don’t need to be constantly loved,
I’ve been there so many times before,
Yes, I do feel for you strongly,
But won’t risk being hurt any more.
I want a little bit of passion,
Not a love that never really ends,
I don’t want us to get too close,
Don’t want a broken heart that won’t mend.
I don’t want you to give me security,
Don’t want you to love me everyday,
I don’t want us to become too attached,
I have to be able to walk away.
It’s not that I don’t think you’re great,
Because deep in my heart I do,
But I’ve been hurt too many times,
I’m just unable to devote myself to you.
Don’t want you to take me in your arms,
And promise to hold me forever tight,
All I really ask of you right now,
Is for you to want me for just one night.

The moon

We looked upward to the moon.
You from your vantage point,
I from mine.
I had no idea what I would do.
I had no idea of the pain I would cause.
I had no idea of the pain I would experience.
At one time, I talked of building a great rocket ship,
to take us to the moon.
Whisking me way from my place, you from yours.
Our hearts briefly touched, for only a short while.
But that rocket ship never made the trip.
I lost so much. I know you did also.
My world collapsed around me.
Darkness filled my soul.
I was cast out into the void, the dark abyss,
where no sun could shine.
No moonlight.
I had to give you space,
or I would only hurt you more.
Letting go was the most painful thing
I have ever done.
Valentine, I hope you know how sorry
I am for hurting you.
I think about you every day, even now.
You had all the "whys".
You were and are so beautiful.
I never wanted to hurt you.
For the rest of my life,
when I step out at night,
I look up to the moon,
and pray that you are okay.
You in your world and I in mine.
A part of me will always love you.
You may not believe me,
but it is true.


Here in the night,
It winds me up inside,
That you,
Whom I love
Whom I hate,
Would go and lie.
Here in my mind,
It burns me up sometimes,
Here in this shelter of myself,
You can still find me.
Walk alone and wait here
Until I start to disappear.
Stare at the moon,
We started fighting too soon,
Why did we yell?
Did we not care?
I do not know.
Standing on the edge,
Of a forty yard ledge,
Saying "should I jumpoff the world?"
Well should I?
Too much staring.
Not enough caring.
Walk alone and wait here
Until I start to disappear.

Always come back to me

When you looked into my eyes last night
I was afraid of what all you might see
But I didn’t turn away
I held your gaze for an hour it seemed
Before you calmly walked away
Walked out into the night, out of my life again
Yet I know deep down, that you’ll resurface
You always do in your own time
When you’re ready and not a second before
And when you come back we’ll pretend once again
We’ll forget last night ever happened
Forget the words we said
Forget the love we almost shared
Why you do this, I’ll never know
I’ll never be what you want me to be
Our views won’t change, we’ll never agree
Our secrets will never be shared
This is the way it is and always will be
So why can’t you see? Why don’t you stay?
Why do you always come back to me?

I say goodbye

I say goodbye
And nevermore will I cry
I say goodbye
No reason I have to lie
I say goodbye
And I don’t feel depressed
I say goodbye
My feelings are not repressed
I say goodbye
Laughing as I walk away
I say goodbye
For nothing more will I say

I'd let you go

If you should leave
Id let you go
I wouldn’t chase you
Nor beg you to stay
Though every fiber of my being
Would scream in protest
I would stay silent
If you should leave
I wouldn’t tell you
How much it hurt
Or how many tears I shed
I wouldn’t tell you
Of how I would wait
Just in case
If you should leave
I’d give you my blessing
However reluctantly
However painfully
For I would never want
You stay somewhere
You didn’t want to be
If you should leave id understand why
And despite the pain and anger
I know you’d leave me with
I would always care for you
For what you have given me
And for the times you had stayed

never meant to hurt you

I never meant to hurt you
With my pain, my fears
I never wanted you to feel
As though I didn’t trust you
I never meant for you to be hurt
By the ones that hurt me
I never wanted to be the one
Who’d cause you to feel that pain
I never meant for you to feel
As though I wasn’t listening
I never wanted you to think
That I doubted the love you professed
I never meant for you to feel
I was rejecting you
I never wanted any of this
But what I mean is I’m sorry
And what I want is you’re forgiveness

want to leave it all

So what is the point of going on
when you live in a place you don’t belong
no one can see who you really are
and each word they say leaves another scar
you cant even walk 2 feet
without getting pushed or beat
you feel like you're nothing at all
wanting to scream, wanting to fall
you stand up and hold the knife
you try to cut out the pain of this life
you want to take the next step towards death
like jump of a bridge and not hold your breath
you need something to fill this empty space
cuz you know you're too weak to leave this place
starting with the drugs all the time
you find yourself all out of line
you dig in your pocket for one more joint
cuz you know your at your lowest point
desperately searching for something else
to take you away from all this hell
then she came along and pulled you out
she saved your life without a doubt