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Saturday, July 22, 2006

inspired to nightmare

Running, running, tripping, falling
Shivering, screaming, slipping, crawling
Screaming I wake, gasping for breath
Trembling I wail wanting my death
Tormented I am in my sleep
To all this pain that makes me weep
I live in a world of forgotten hope
There are no dreams to help me cope
My days are a perpetual night
Which is a demon that I cannot fight
I see people who can't open their eyes
And a world that is wrapped in lies
I behold this hideousness everyday
And for it to be gone I pray
I don't want to be blinded my ignorance
which humans build up as their defense
I want to see the joy and the pain
I want to go dance in the acid rain
I want to show you what I see
I want you to see how this world could be
So I let these demons haunt my night
Showing me the pain and all life's plights
To dream? Should I? Do I dare?
No but I am inspired to nightmare


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