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Thursday, July 27, 2006

cant take my soul

The pain I feel
Is something you don't see
These things haunt my soul
They have let me become who I am today
The things I see in my dreams
Soon become reality
And they are all set free
Like demons coming out of a box
That haunt everyone I know
The demons get released
Every time I close my eyes
When I see the demons coming to take away my soul
I feel the need to run and hide
To try and save myself
But they tend to find me
Wherever they may be
Soon enough they'll find me
And then they'll take my soul
These demons that I fight
Seem to always win
No matter what I doI'll always lose control
There's no hope for me
So before these little demons come to take my soul
I'll slit my wrist and my throat
So then those demons can't take my soul.


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