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Thursday, July 27, 2006

self hating girl

Same cold steel blade
stained with last nights crimson pain
same place tonight
same knife to the same vein
I lick my blood
and suck my wound
sit tastes like pain
and hurts like you
a sick little self healing ritual
to forget about another wasted day
but this is the night I go too far
today I kill all the shame away
watch me kill myself
and know that Im doing it for you
everything I get the courage to say
you fucking say you already knew
Ive shown you the worst side of me
no wonder you think the worst of me
you used to take pity on me
but now youre just fucking glad you aint me
glad its not your body
cut up and slit open to the world
glad as fucking anything
youre not this rotten self hating girl


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