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Friday, August 11, 2006

drinking away the past

One more, two more
Vowing to drink the past away
Three drinks, four
I think its here to stay
To get away, I must be brought back
To end it they say I must relive it,
To accept it and move on
Where oh where did I go?
I drink to end it
Fighting the flashback
He touched the little girl
5 drinks then 6
She cries for the child
Hold me, dont let me go
7 then 8
I close my eyes
Only to see the scene more vividly
She cries out loudly, her pain unbearable
9 and 10
Let me go, dont touch me
He shakes his head and turns over
I cry inside, but cant tell him
Yes he knows HE did it
Just not what I still see today
I drink faster
12 or 13 who knows now
The bottles almost gone
As is my reality
In the end it finds me
By the time its here, I cant fight it
Must lay back and accept
This is what Im doing to me
Shes not her
I am


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