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Saturday, July 22, 2006

mental home

The mental home they call it
where all mad people go
I am afraid, nowhere to turn,
and nowhere to go.
Padded cells,
no way out you can scream
and they won't hear you.
The voices start calling
and they want to take over
you let them
and you're there lying on the floor
with nothing left worth living for.
You want to end you life
but you’re on suicide watch everyday
you think to yourself
surely hell is a better place.
The screams of other victims
in the cells next door
can make you want to bury yourself
in the stone cold floor.
And that’s where you stop living
you want to die
but you can't and that hurts
and you cry
and that’s when you've hit it
that’s when your really mad.
and you've lost it!


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