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Monday, August 07, 2006

right to write

Maybe I won’t ever see things
The way you doI wont’ ever agree
Or think like you
And what is so wrong with that
Everyone’s talking behind everyone’s back
Would you rather have it so
We all thought alike
We all agreed on everything
And we never had a debate or a fight
How boring is that!
Sorry I won’t conform for you
I do things my way
And I won’t stop just because you want me to
You feed so much off of
What I think and say
That you just make me want to keep on writing
I guess we have both gotten our way
Do you really think you can shut me up
Just because you don’t like what you hear
If you had things your way no one in the world
Would be allowed to express what they think and feel
I don’t know why you care so damn much about
The words I am absently scribbling now
No I won’t censor myself
No I won’t shut my mouth
Get over itI have the right to write
I won’t give up my freedom of speech
Without a fucking fight
The more you try to silence me
The more I want to say
I won’t do something because you want me to
I won’t ever think your way
Stop caring so damn much
If I am so worthless, ignore me!
Then maybe I’ll shut the fuck up
But the more you try to chain my brain
The more you try to steal my freedom of speech
The more I am going to write say and feel
Think, scream, scribble, teach
And you put more energy into my words
Then even I do
Why the hell do you care so much about
What I think of you
I’m not listening in to all the conversations
You are whispering behind my back
Keep talking and you’ll see
I don’t give two shits about that
Because I am not that insecure
You can talk all you want to
Have fun calling me every name you know
And I STILL won’t give a shit about you
You are free to talk
You are free to fight
But you will NEVER take away
My right to write


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