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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Never again

That look in your eye
I’ll never forget
To give up would mean failure
To quit would mean uncertainties
I never meant to hurt you
That which you must understand
I’d die a million deaths
Be raped a thousand times
Cry a river of tears
To simply not see that look in your eyes
Not hatred or fear
Which I see every minute
But pity for a soul
Who can never see past the pain
You allow me to stay lost
To try would mean too much pain
One neither of us could bear
So I sit quietly and cry all alone
Of these things he done
The pain he caused
To not me
But you
He came into my life
With a promise of friendship
A trust unquestioned
I failed my life, and myself
I trusted what would never happened
And hurt us all in the end
My weakness apparent
He left me there
Crying all alone in your bed
Praying for your forgiveness
Wanting your reassuring touch
Yet knowing I’d never feel it again


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