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Thursday, July 27, 2006

shocked that I would leave

Youre shocked that I would leave you
Is it really such a shock?
It kind of was determined
the second you first hit me
my heart was smothered in pain
it rained
for hours
my eyes they did rain
for hours
you never saw
still how is it so easy
for you to not care
your apathy wears away at me
I can no longer bear the abuse
That which Im given by no means
can be confused into love
I know what youre doing
so dont act like youre blind or then again,
maybe you are
I was taken for a prop?
A love machine?
You could use and
then put down what are we doing this for?
To cause each other tears
or to make a brighter way
if you love you wouldn't say what you say
if you love me you would love ME every day
So Im going to leave you
now you say you cry and you blame it all on me
now you say I lie but I never lied
Ive just had enough of being mistreated
Again by the one I gave my very soul and trust to
I loved your great compassionate heart from the day I met you
what has happened to the compassionwhat has filled it's space?
That you forgot to give and saw me only for what you could take
I never thought I would hear the words you said today
I never thought you could deface me that way
I thought love was here but that was a mistake
Dont ever say you love me
when you can hurt me though I try
and never think twice
I ask God why


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