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Saturday, August 05, 2006

you call

As crazy as it sounds
I wish so badly you would call
but when you do
because we both know eventually you will
I don’t know what to say
do I swallow my pride again?
Like all those times before?
Or do I confess my hate?
How can it be that I love you
When I can speak a thousand reasons
Why I should hate you
And every time I somehow find a way
To forgive you, again
Push away the pain and deny the past
Its different this time
At least that’s what I convince myself
I’m so sick of this
Of caring about you
And wanting you to be near.
I find an awkward comfort being with you
I’m just so use to the tension,
the denial, and the hurt.
When you call
I’ll attempt to control my instinct
To instantly pick up the phone
I’ll see your number staring about at me
And breathe in deep
I don’t need to hear your familiar voice, right?


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