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Saturday, August 05, 2006

hate in a shot glass

Drunken minds are clumsy
and stumble thru my pain,
then dance with every tear,
like tango in the rain.
Open eyes of solitude,
Stare into my soul,
and drown inside my hope,
infecting self-control.
Reaching arms grow closer;
Fingernails graze my heart,
Miniature incisions,
Tear my world apart.
My heart is pounding faster,
Tears fall from my eyes,
Preparing for insanity's mental homicide.
Lips savor my torment,
Revolting flavors in disguise,
And when corruption kills me,
Please don’t be surprised.
Desperations pull me under
Hungry for my life,
Tasting candy coated sin,
And fiending in the night.
Hate seeping through my pores,
and spill onto my fate,
all attempts to save my soul,
Will be an eternity too late.
I’m chin deep in sorrow,
And love is sinking fast,
Attempting to rid the pain
With hate in a shot glass.


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