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Saturday, August 05, 2006

holow inside

Hollow inside,
your eyes never cry
lonely and dieing
won't let anyone close enough to heal the pain,
and tragedy you endure
faking strong doesn't get you anywhere
rotten with intentions,
yet blooming for affection
what is wrong with you mind?
Do you think you deserve that much from anyone?
After the bullshit and lies you spread,
after they cry and need help getting back up,
from being pushed away so roughly,
by the hands you claimthe mirror is there,
but you’re blind to your own image
blind to it all
never seeing the bad in your eyes
yet looking away at the glare of the light
too much to accept
so live the life of a lie
becoming colder and colder each day
not giving but wanting,
never saying sorry to all that you hurted
just going on as if everything’s okay
its simpler for the blind
the blind in heart and mind


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