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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

dont hurt me

Please don't hurt me
like all the others
have done in the past
I don't want much,
I want a real relationship
to be able to talk to you
about anything and everything
and not be yelled at
to talk to all my friends
whether guy or a girl
without you having any suspicions
because if I'm with you
know that you're the only one
to spend time with you
and not have to have sex
I just want to lay there
and talk for hours about nothing at all
to be with you
and not get hit and then me leave you
with bruises on my body
I've been through so many bad relationships
that I now I expect every guy to be the same
I know deep down you're not
but I can't help those little insecurities
I've been through so much just,
please don't hurt me


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