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Saturday, July 22, 2006

lover not a partner

I’m not asking for commitment,
And your heart I do not need,
All that I really want from you,
Is written here for you to read.
I don’t need to be constantly loved,
I’ve been there so many times before,
Yes, I do feel for you strongly,
But won’t risk being hurt any more.
I want a little bit of passion,
Not a love that never really ends,
I don’t want us to get too close,
Don’t want a broken heart that won’t mend.
I don’t want you to give me security,
Don’t want you to love me everyday,
I don’t want us to become too attached,
I have to be able to walk away.
It’s not that I don’t think you’re great,
Because deep in my heart I do,
But I’ve been hurt too many times,
I’m just unable to devote myself to you.
Don’t want you to take me in your arms,
And promise to hold me forever tight,
All I really ask of you right now,
Is for you to want me for just one night.


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