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Saturday, July 22, 2006

kiss of death

Welcome to my degenerator
I would explain but I don't care!
I'd much rather see you suffer
Pain indescribable.
Tear out your organs with a simple toothpick!
Take a look at the world around you
Just before you die
Let me here you scream!
There's another side of Hell!
It's me, only me.
It's my death machine and me.
It erases you gene by gene
Until your world falls down.
Yes, you bastard
Let the tears flow.
Before your eyes
So much you can't see anymore.
Neglect is a dream
And your sleep medication.
Prepare for my wake
And your suffocation.
Take a look at the world that shuns you.
It blows a kiss to you
The kiss of death!


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