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Thursday, July 27, 2006

the treatment

The Treatment
There was a time I was a child
Though I can't remember this
There was a time when I was young
That's the way they say it is
I must accept the information
They give me 'bout my youth
Without it there is emptiness
And that's the total truth
The fact is I remember not
Years within my life
I've only bits and pieces
And of those I cannot write
I went to some professionals
To look into my past
They came to their conclusions
Then set about their task
Now if you treat the symptoms
The disease will still exist
But what if you treat the disease
And the symptoms yet persist?
It seems something is wrong
When this is the case
So I look for a ray
But I see not a trace
Time passes by as symptoms increase
Depression, fear, anxiety,
And dreams that are recurring
Which make no sense to me
I once thought of suicide
As a permanent solution
It seemed the perfect answer
To the painful evolution
I know for me to take my life
Would end their lives as well
And the permanent solution
Means an eternity of hell


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