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Monday, August 07, 2006


Tears say more then words can ever achieve
my tears are not happy, they only grieve
each tear that falls, my pillow it burns
along with that tear, my soul does yearn
for tears of sanity, and not for sorrow
for tears that just cant wait for tomorrow
instead each tear that leaves my eye
cant wait to get home for me to cry
my tears are feelings kept deep inside
till the moment they all collide
for when it comes my hour of pain
my soul will leave and I will never regain.
I’m scared to breathe, to live, to die
I’m scared to live, to want, to cry
my heart was killed and left to rot
if I cry I might not stop
if I die before I wake
is my soul yours to take?
Sometimes I can’t wait to get home
and spend my time in my room alone
if I love, can I still leave
if I don’t, will my heart still bleed.


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