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Monday, August 07, 2006

lonely little girl

Hair blowing in the wind
Lonely little girl turns her gaze
Looks out the glass
Fixes her eyes on the brewing storm
Breathes in the cool crisp air
Her mind a spinning spiral
Clouded by fog
Anarchy and chaos fills her mind
A tumult of emotions inside of her
As tears rise unbidden to her eyes
Lonely little girl feels trapped
Screams inside of her unable to break free
The wind starts to blow stronger
She watches the leaves fall to the ground
Drawing a circle as it swirls around
She picks up a pen
Stares blankly ahead
Solitary figure amongst the crowd
Alone in thought
Alone in mind
The cold wind blows
The dark clouds gather
A flash of lightning
A clap of thunder
Not unlike the heavens that open
Lonely little girl starts to cry


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