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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


It’s been months
Since I’ve thought of you last
For a while I had thought that for sure you had gone
Then there was that one time you decided to call
You said it was too much
That you couldn’t do it
And hung up
That brought everything flooding back in
But again I managed to push you out
Your memory, drifted by me like the early morning fog
I was starting to think life without you was possible
It still is I guessI am still keeping’ on
Still laughing and smiling
But then late last night as I started writing
That sweet letter that I will never send
I couldn’t help but wish for the good old days again
I was willing that stupid phone to ring
To pick up and hear you say
“Baby, let’s forget the whole past”
“Lets start over again”
That phone didn’t ring
And the past is still lingering over my head
Oh, how I hate this
When memories of our love drift back in
With tears streaming down my face as I continue to write
I told you once that I would track you down
where ever you ended up being in a couple years
Back then when I told you that I meant that
maybe we could try again
But there’s no chance of that now
It’s all been said and done
I will still find you someday
Maybe this time just to say “Hello”


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