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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The moon

We looked upward to the moon.
You from your vantage point,
I from mine.
I had no idea what I would do.
I had no idea of the pain I would cause.
I had no idea of the pain I would experience.
At one time, I talked of building a great rocket ship,
to take us to the moon.
Whisking me way from my place, you from yours.
Our hearts briefly touched, for only a short while.
But that rocket ship never made the trip.
I lost so much. I know you did also.
My world collapsed around me.
Darkness filled my soul.
I was cast out into the void, the dark abyss,
where no sun could shine.
No moonlight.
I had to give you space,
or I would only hurt you more.
Letting go was the most painful thing
I have ever done.
Valentine, I hope you know how sorry
I am for hurting you.
I think about you every day, even now.
You had all the "whys".
You were and are so beautiful.
I never wanted to hurt you.
For the rest of my life,
when I step out at night,
I look up to the moon,
and pray that you are okay.
You in your world and I in mine.
A part of me will always love you.
You may not believe me,
but it is true.


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