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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I dont need it

You say that you care for me,
But there's something you don't know.
Once a man forced me to go
Where I didn't want to go.
He held me down, he hit me.
No matter the fight I fought
He enjoyed the screams and tears
Relished in the sight of blood
As he cast me into the pits of hell;
When it was done, I felt like he
Had pierced my soul with nails.
Oh, my man, I can't go on.
How can I tell the rest?
As he forced himself inside
That ugly, fateful day.
He ignored my demands, my begs, my pleas,
And even my imploring.
I still have nightmares about that day
In which he visits me again.
So if I wake up crying in your arms,
Don't worry, it's not you, it's him.
However, I'm doing a little better
Each and every day.
Although he left me in hell to die,
I'm now on the back.
So my man, I just thought you should know,
Since you say you care.
But will you care now
Now that you know where I’ve been
Will you still care now that you know
I'll sometimes wake you up,
Sniffling, crying, shaking in fear,
You say you want to know
And will accept it
No matter what I say;
But will you still
After I've said this today?
Although I'd like your help and comfort
I can do it without.
Although I'd like your help, I don't need it,


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