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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

promise not to tell

If I whisper this secret in your ear
do you promise you wont tell?
Its you I want, not him
Standing here with you
On this damp cold night
Underneath those starts
Shining so bright
Temptation is staring me straight in the eyes
Pulling me closer
As I lie my tired head
On your shoulder
Its been such a long day
And I dont think
I have the strength
To keep this inside much longer
You put your arms around me
And suddenly its not so cold
I know he sees us
But I dont care
I dont want him, not anymore
I sick of playing this game
I already know Ill never win
Ive given up on him
Youre the one I want
And have for awhile
Ive been concealing the truth from everyone, even myself
But being here with you
Feels so right tonight
If I whisper this secret
In your ear
Do you promise not to tell?


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