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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

my bloody suicide

The blank page stars at me
With its thin blue lines
I look to my heart and soul
To find the words to say
But nothing can describe how I feel today
Questions haunt my mind
Where is this happiness, I cant find?
Why is there so much pain in my life?
And why do I want to end it all with this knife
The page is half filled
But I still cant seem to feel
Theres a band around my wrist
To stop me ending it all
To stop me finding my bliss
Answers are running though my mind
I dont deserve happiness, theres no way of finding it
Theres pain in everyones life, Im just weak
And Im pathetic and can't cope.
I make my hand into a fist
and make a cut across my wrist
Deeper and deeper
Until I can feel nothing more
My bloody suicide.


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