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Friday, August 11, 2006

lost without you

Its killing me,
tearing in my eyes
the thought of you leaving
completely gone from my life
so much of my part
a bone in my rib
without you I dont know what to expect
maybe Ill go insane
or just truly hide in myself
never wanting to get close enough
for fear of what may come
dieing in memories
but not in my heart
I dont want to lose you
you mean so much
I cant stand these things I am hearing
each passing day getting worst
I want it to go back
to when things were fine
I go through the days
playing strong once again
never letting a frown,
run across this face of mine
its eating me up
breaking my heart
dieing in terror
of what is to come
how can this happen?
What did I do to deserve such a loss?
I cant believe this is ending
I am begging to not come true
I would be lost without you


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