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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

stay the fuck out

Fuck those who've hurt me,
Skip those who've tried
I can't stand them.
Let them die.
I've experienced so much pain,
for my young age,
I can't stand my mind.
It's full of nefarious memories.
They're letting that ass walk free,
Even after what he's done to me,
and I can't take the hurt.
That he's left within my soul.
He deserves to die,
but his fate is not mine to decide,
He'll get what's coming to him.
I bet it won't be pleasant.
Maim the bastard who stole my happiness,
and crushed it in his clenched fist,
Make him experience foul displeasure.
For I will seek vengeance otherwise.
Punish those who put others in misery,
then award those who make everyone happy,
Have everyone share their pain.
For maybe then;
people will understand
what they're doing to one another.
So much hatred swims through me,
and it depresses me so deeply,
But there's only one who understands
(or seems to)
only one who cares, like no other.
No matter what was done,
No matter what was said,
He kept hurting me.
And so had everyone (almost) else.
Why am I the target of bitterness,
why must it be me?
Can it not be someone else?
Im fine on my own
Ive got enough friends
Enough damn enemies
You only add to the problems
Not helping at all
Are you so stupid?
That you really cant see
You blame everyone else
When its really you
Ive made my mistakes
Those were my fault
But this obsession of yours
Is all yours to control
Theres something so wrong
With the way that you feel
Manipulating to get what you want
To get those to back you
The whole story isnt told
My side is forgotten
My feelings are dismissed
Nobody knows the way that I feel
They only hear the wrong Ive done
Theres worse that I could do
Ill never be perfect
Ill sure as hell never be you
You’re act is so clear
The real you is obvious
The front you put on
As only concerned
We all see through you
And whats really going on
Open your eyes
Quit preaching to me
Open The Book
And read for yourself
Stop reading for me
I can do that myself
Ive got my own relationship
Its not like yours
Its my very own
Not what you want
That doesnt make it wrong
Just opposite of yours
Ill never condemn
Or judge those I love
I cant do that
Knowing I might fail
Where do you get off
Making decisions
Who is a Christian
And who is worthy
None of us deserve
Anything were given
We havent earned God’s love
Theres no way we can
Hes given it freely
For all to grasp
What right do you have
To take that away
Im tired of your judgment
Im sick of your putdowns
Talking to those who know nothing
Listening to mindless chatter
The gossip you hear
Not from the source
Maybe its true
Or could be more lies
Youll never know though
It has nothing to do with you
Ill say it again
Stay the fuck out of my business


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