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Saturday, August 05, 2006

little girl

Little girl I must tell you,
all the pain you have put us through
Little girl I must show you,
all the bad things you do
Little girl I must punish you,
with all the hurt you've been doing
Little girl I must yell at you,
because of all the dreams you've been undoing
Little girl you're so little
So tiny and small
Little girl why do you do this?
I can hear you crying down the hall
Little girl, I am so sorry
I'm the one that did wrong
Little girl I'm the one that made you
I'm the one where you belong
Little girl I made a mistake
and made you, when I'm not ready
Little girl I'm sorry, I need a break
Sometime to get steady
Little girl, I'm sorry your daddy doesn't want you
he does really care
Little girl you're going away for awhile
I'm sorry I can't be there
Little girl I'm going to smile
when I really want to cry
Little girl I love you
I really did try
Little girl I'm sorry for the pain I do
I wish you could stay here with me
Little girl, your so little
so tiny and small
I hope one day I see you again
hopefully all big and tall
Little girl I'm sorry I must say good-bye
Little girl be happy
and please don't cry
Little girl I love you
I really do
Little girl you have to go now
I'll really miss you
Good-bye my
Little girl
I love you.


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