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Saturday, August 05, 2006

I wasnt the one

I want to crawl inside myself
To escape what you think you know
The truths you’ll never see
The honesty you’ll never hear
Your eyes are blinded by something else
A covering you want to believe
Can you ever get past yourself?
To see the real true
You think you know so much
When really you know nothing
The false sense of security
Is all you really have
When will you open your eyes?
When will you not be deaf?
You think you’ve been around
Have experiences untold
Nothing you could say or do
Will ever justify your acts
You talk about trust and love
Do you even know the meaning?
Have you searched the significance?
Love is more than fast ones and con jobs
Trust is more than betrayal and lies,
You think you’ve been betrayed
Tell me, how do you figure?
I wasn’t the one,
Who asked about my clit
I wasn’t the one,
Who asked how many fingers
I wasn’t the one,
Who wanted to go further


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