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Saturday, August 05, 2006

destroyed me

You have destroyed me,
what was left of me anyway.
I couldnt take it anymore the games you play.
But I still wake up.
Empty space in my heart
why did you have to play?
Why did you have to say,
those words?
And I cant get you out of my head
you ask, do I understand?
No I dont, but it hurts,
as shards of my own hate pierce my flesh.
Once again
once again just like every other guy
you tore out my heart.
Left me alone to pick up what remained.
But this time I havent the strength
to pick myself up.
And I dont, I dont give a fuck about you,
about the world, about anything.
I dont know whats true
all I know is
that I was completely in love with you.
But oh what a way to be broken,
in the gentle hands of love.
Soft, gentle-breakable
Un-like the glass heart that they once held.


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