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Thursday, July 27, 2006

cant sleep

I cant sleep, Im not tired again tonight
so I lay in the dark putting up a fight
sometimes I see things that aren’t there
my eyes turn white, and I get scared
its over now. I made it out somehow
its so easy for you to make me break
and every opportunity I give, you take
you say you love me
but you know you cause me misery like no other
dont say you love me
deny your lover, deny me, you know you love her
youre everything I covet
you know it. And you love it
I wish I were more open and outspoken
I wish I could take off my disguise
I wish I would tell you my life isn’t broken
but Im too tired right now to lie
more pills to drift me off to sleep tonight.
I hope I wake up to a beautiful sight


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