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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

let me

Let me scream
Let me run away
Why won’t you just end this for me?
I don’t need to be here anymore
who’s left for me to stay for?
Who’d really care to see me go?
I’m beginning to think I enjoy the pain
Kick me again
Make it hurt
Don’t try to make me happy
Let the tears freely fall
Cut me like a rag doll
Rip every inch of me apart
What ever shred of I have
Take it
I don’t want it
Throw my heart against the wall
I don’t need it anymore
Take these eyes from my face
There’s nothing left to see
Block all signs of love
Keep all friendship’s away
I don’t know how to look after them anyways
Why be given something that you don’t deserve?
Away with the light
Only goodness exists there
I’m too used to the dark cloud of evil on my back
It is the only thing I know now
Everything I am is a lie
Just someone I wanted to be
Oh well
Who cares?
It all comes down to this in the end
I don’t deserve to live
Where do I even start?
I’m at a lose for words
I pick up my pen cause I need to write
Somehow I have to let this all out
It’s building up inside of me
I’m ready to crumble
My tears won’t stop
Neither will my pain
Why won’t any words come to me??
Why can’t I let it out??
I hate this
Who I am
What I do
Why do I even try to write?
It’s all fucked up anyways
Just another piece of trash
Only deserving to be thrown out


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