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Monday, June 19, 2006

Behind Those Doors

What had occurred behind those doors
Was top secret,
So, shhh, and I will tell you.
He used to close the door
And made sure no one was able to get in
And took off my clothes and then his own.
He used to grope me, like a wild man
With fingers here and fingers there.
I would grow quiet and kept all my feelings inside
To let him think
I was having a pleasurable time
When in reality I was not.
He sometimes used violence
And other times, he used to persuade me
Into having a one-person-sex experience,
I was never involved.
In fact, I used to leave the situation completely.
A little five year old can not handle all the pain
Inflicted by an adult man.
Sex has become my enemy.
When I think of sex, I think of him.
And that is too unbearable.
What happened behind those doors
Was a complete secret.
NO ONE was to know,
'cause it was wrong and illegal.
The man should be punished of all the things he did.
In fact, he shouldn't be free,
he should be behind those doors
Locked and alone.
For he deserves no vistors,
'cause he is an evil man.
What is behind those closed doors
Is an evil, EVIL man.


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