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Monday, June 19, 2006

Lost of Innocence

Lost Of Innocence
I knew a young girl once
just starting on love's path
She was so carefree and happy
and would always make you laugh
Then one day she fell in love
and her world suddenly all changed
Her life soon become full of heartache
and she was playing grown up games
She couldn't understand how someone who loved her
would want to hurt her so
She was now trapped in a world of pain
and had no place to go
The first time that he hurt her
was the day her innocence died
So she began to look for a place deep inside herself
for somewhere safe to hide
Each time he raised his hand to her
he would tell her she was to blame
So she would look for ways to change
but her life remained the same
She traveled deeper inside herself
until she had lost sight of day
She couldn't understand what she had done
and why her life had to be this way
Now this carefree girl of long ago was bruised and hurting
and she felt so ashamed
She thought the world would look at her
and know the truth
that she was the one to blame
She believed when he would tell her
she would never make it on her own
And because no one else would ever want her,
this prison would always be her home
So she settled in to her life of pain
and decided maybe this was where she was meant to be
For she was just a nobody that could do nothing right
as she was sure the world could see
She soon found out
that life out there wasn't at all like
he said it would be
And yes someone else did want her
and his love for her would fill a sea
She still has the scars and pain inside her
and some days they come back to hurt her so
But she's slowly finding that carefree girl
she buried so long ago


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