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Monday, June 19, 2006

Nobody Cared, Nobody Cried

Just a little girl with heart of gold
Full of fun and laughter,
or so I’m told
But her world was shattered time and again
And her heart was broken and couldn’t mend
Because nobody cared, and nobody cried
For the little girl with so much pain inside.
Bedtime stories that she knew would come just not when
Like Little Red Riding Hood,
but then The big, bad wolf he’d pretend to be
And ravish her body and sometimes she'd bleed
And nobody cared, and nobody cried
There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
The man, he knew her well
Knew it wouldn’t matter if she should tell
His tongue in places it shouldn’t have been
She felt so dirty, for she had sinned
But nobody cared, and nobody cried
And the little girl just crawled inside.
Suck on this and I’ll give you a treat!
The man had said on that lonely street
She did his bidding till he left one day
Used and abused then tossed away
He never cared, he never cried
For this little girl who just wanted to die.
The terror filled her soul and heart
Till her mind and body split apart
But nobody cared, and nobody cried
As the little girl shriveled up inside.
Then there was the other man,
Who took her body and fondled and mauled
He told himself, It won’t hurt much!
And look, she even likes my touch!
And nobody cared, and nobody cried
For the little girl who was dying inside.
There was her brothers friend
Who kissed her hard upon the mouth
Caught by her mother who began to yell
You’re just a slut, you’ll go to hell!
She didn’t care, she didn’t cry
For her little girl that would rather die.


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