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Monday, June 19, 2006

No Cry

She wasn't yet in her teens,
Just a tomboy, in blue jeans.
She had learned to live with pain;
Throughout her days, it would remain.
Again her mind wondered, "Why?"
Perhaps she'd know, by and by.
There must be something awfully wrong,
She guessed she'd known it all along.
Alone at home she cleaned and cooked
and did just what she was told
When it was time for them to come home
She would go away and hide,
While her heart just ached and cried.
Finally the hurting words had ceased,
From their cruel blows she was released.
So she turned and walked away,
She knew better than to stay.
In her room she closed her door,
And cried 'till she could cry no more.
And yet this child, so shy, so mild,
Would not allow herself to cry;
Instead she laughed, oh how she laughed,
While both her eyes stayed dry.
She could not let the world forget
Though smaller, she was stronger.
It was not ’til, the hands were still,
And she had reached her room,
That she’d allow the tears to flow;
With sobs she’d be consumed.


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