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Monday, June 19, 2006

Can I be myself

Can I Be Myself
She was sitting by the window
watching for him to come home
She wished the time didn't go so fast
she sure enjoyed being alone
Things would be so different
when he would walk in the door
Sometimes she thought about leaving
and not taking this anymore
She was so tired of trying to be someone
he thought she should be
Why couldn't things be different she thought
why can't I just be me
The times she got to spend without him
was the only time her life felt right
For it was then she could escape and be herself
and let her heart take flight
But another day had passed now
and it was time to put herself away
And try to make it through the night
and wait for another day
When she could forget all the bad times
and soar free as a bird in the skies
As he pulled in she slowly walked towards the door
and wiped the tears from her eyes


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