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Monday, June 19, 2006

Like Me

All she sees is black
She doesn't even see a possible future,
Everything looks so bleak
She sees that she is going
To end up on the streets.
She needs someone who will listen to her,
She needs someone who will behave accordingly
To the issues that are bothering her.
She needs to find a home
Who will take her in
And accept her for who she is.
Why are people naive
Towards people like me?
And they won't even listen to them?
Why can't people spare some of their time
To help them?
The people like me are human,
Like you and him, and should be treated the same.
What is going to happen to the girl
Who is going to end up on the streets?
Is she going to be able
To survive on her own?
Please let there be some one who will be able to help her
And to show her there is a future for her.


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