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Monday, June 19, 2006

Life on the INside

Life On The Inside
Staring out the open window
feeling trapped and so alone
Wondering what life was like
outside the four walls of her home
It had been such a long time now
since her freedom she had lost
She had fallen for the wrong man
and now she pays the cost
She thought if only she had the courage and confidence
she lacked
Then it would be so easy to walk away
and never again look back
But that had all been stripped from her
by a man who strives on control
He had stolen her identity
and left her with only a broken soul
Some may wonder why she stayed so long
and let him hurt her so
But they don't understand he
had such a hold on her
and would never let her go
They just don't realize what its like
to have no tears left to cry
And the only freedom you can see in your future
is the day you will die
She sits staring out the open window
silently wishing for someone to pass by
Someone to come break the chains
and set her captive soul free to fly
Her pleading can be heard
carried softly by angels to the world outside
Someone come and save me
and loose the strings he has so tightly tied


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