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Thursday, July 20, 2006

little girl gone

Where has that little girl gone
the shy one that they adore
she’s been faded and withdrawn
now she’s the one that they ignore
she's gone and so alone
wanting, needing a love for inside
cant find a place to call her home
mixed emotions she can no longer hide
tortured by your stick
beaten by your whip
bruised by all your words
all that’s hidden is so absurd
as cold tears run down my cheek,
many words I cannot speak
if only I could close my eyes and wish it all away
with hopes and aspirations it will be better someday
she used to live in reality
and she was full of life
now she’s just another fatality
who’s gotten a hold of the knife
she throws objects out the window
from the pain that’s been bestowed
she takes another blow
to see her red river abode she cant go on like this
like there’s nothing wrong
cuz’ she’s lost in this abyss
of things she thought were gone
she needs to find her strengt
hand someone to really listen
cuz her minds a blank
and you are what she’s missin
more than 3 times denied
in pool of blood she lied
like emotional suicide
no other soul in which to abide
I watch my body slowly fade away
hoping I’ll fly again someday


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