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Thursday, July 20, 2006


What do I feel?
How do I feel?
What does that mean?
Are feelings things?
Why do they hurt?
Can we really control our feelings?
It seems as though everyone else has more
control of my feelings than me.
Why can't I feel?
And, when I do feel, why am I sad?
Why do I have to hurt?
Did he do that to me?
Did I let him?
Why couldn't I stop him?
Why did he hurt me?
He said he loved me.
Why does he continue to hurt me?
I want to let go, but how?
He's always there.
He's in my sleep and he's in my day.
I want to be happy, but how?
I'm away from him, but it's still happening.
It's still happening as I remember.
I want to be strong and healthy.
How do I stop the destruction?
They tell me, to heal, I must feel.
But it hurts so to feel.
Am I supposed to hurt?
Please help me remove the pain.
Please let me feel.
Please let me overpower the.
Please let me be happy.
Please let me feel alive again.


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