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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ugly baby doll

Take my very breath from me,
encourage the screams and bruises
a slap stops my silent tears
rage builds.
Then I cry for your forgiveness.
Someday I'll get you to stop.
Alter my body for your every need,
reach my soul with your penetration,
embrace my rigid body, make it hurt.
The fornication of my mind,
the appreciation of the pain
lasting scars on your ugly baby doll.
Left behind is your reminder to me,
That I am nothing.
Into your hell I fall,
Fall until I am burned alive.
Never showing my tears, my aches, and my desires.
Give your anger to me.
Dejectedly, I endure your love.
Hopefully, for the last time.
Overcome by your power
I abandon all hope;
waive my rights to life, and I become nothing,
All I was All I will ever be.


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