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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Anger, aggression
Bottled up inside
Unable to escape
Locked up inside his mind
Rage, heat, red
Blinded by anger
Driven by insanity
Having the urge to terrorize
Madness taken over
An invisible cage
Trapping his sanity
Holding it captive for eternity
Anger letting loose
Taken out on objects
Which feel no pain
Deformed images
Not made out right
Colors and shapes
Mashed together in the mind
There is no love
That beats in this
Cold, uncaring, tired heart,
Nothing but bitter hatred
And resentment.
All I ever wanted in my life
Was to keep it from someone like you.
I never liked you.
I want to kill you.
I curse your name.
I scream because of you
And all the shit you bitch.
You're a fucking disgrace.
You tried to play God
Without divine wisdom.
The diarrhea that rolls off your tongue,
Shoots out of your mouth,
And dribbles down your chest like vomit.
You make me sick.
My ears aren't listening.
You twisted pins into my eyes,
But I can still see through
The holes in your palms.
Even the planets collided
To avoid all your bullshit,
I'm tired of explaining myself,
Defending myself.
This is who I am.
If you can't handle it,
Fuck, fuck, fuck you, motherfucker.
You worthless piece of shit.
I always knew you'd fall.
I've seen you pour salt in my wounds
And boiling oil over my head.
You forced poison down my throat,
Ripped oozing scabs from my bloody body,
And rubbed acid in my infected sores.
Have a seat,
And I'll nail your nuts to the chair.
One day I'll kill you,
So get ready to die.
Murder is the answer,
To rid the world of your putrid filth,
Your profane, useless existence.
Bring the shit!
I won't fade away.
If I go down, I'll go down fighting.
Fuck you, you fuckin' fuck.
My only pleasure is your pain
And seeing you die.
Fuck the world and fuck you all.
You motherfuckers fucked with me.
I hate you more than life itself.
You are my enemy.
I want to watch you bleed,
You made your little sister bleed
From her rotting, maggot-infested cunt,
A cunt infected by the Devil's cock.
You suck!
Crucifixion for all!
Die, motherfuckers!
I'm full of hate.
I hate myself,I hate you,I hate society,
And I hate my life!
I can tell by the look in your eyes.
You want to see me crucified.
Unleash Hell!
Crack like a whip
Your twisted lip,
And I will watch you trip.
Into a giant pit you'll slip.
Like lambs to the slaughter
What do you want?
I can't give you any more.
Take it or leave it,
Look deep into my eyes,
You'll see it's you that I despise.
One day you'll lie bleeding in the gutter.
You'll try to scream out, but you'll merely stutter,
And I'll walk right on by like nothing's the matter
And stomp on your head to watch your brain splatter.
'Cause I'll fuck you, fight you,
Anger you, and spite you.
It's time to face your fears,
I'll goddamn kill you.
Beat the Devil with a shovel.
My destination?
Flesh melting from my bones,
Incised with a scythe.
I will rot in Hell.
And I will see you there,
You goddamn,
Son of a bitch.


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