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Friday, June 16, 2006

WIshing I could Leave the Past Behind

I hide in the corner
Crouching down in fear
my arms wrapped round my body
from my cheek drops a tear
Every day my daddy comes home
Put the supper on, obey the commands
If I don’t do it right
He just yells and hits me“
You are a stupid girl
you can’t get anything right”
WHACK goes his hand across my cheek
Leaving it throbbing all through the night
Mommy knows everything
but pretends she knows not a thing
I wished I’d never entered this world
if I’d know the pain they would bring
I just want to be happy
and have parents that love me and care
to be brought into this family of abuse
Is illegal, torturous and unfair
Maybe some day he’ll hit me so hard
That I will fall to the ground and die
I will be able to live happily in heaven
And leave the past behind


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