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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I dont want it anymore

There are days
When I want to forget
Wipe the slate clean
Become someone new
There are days
When apple pies and lilac sky's
Can slightly modify
Yet inside
I'm still 14
Still afraid
And betrayed
If this is strength
I don't want it
If strength means fighting
Never ending
I don't want it anymore
If strength means facing
Battle after battle
Going on, never resting
I just don't want it anymore
I am tired, I've had enough
I don't want it anymore
I want to give up, to rest
Let it overwhelm me
I just don't care anymore
Am so sick of fighting
So sick of the war
Never ending it goes on and on
Just can't do it anymore
I hate this strength of mine
I don't want it anymore
Strength was once my savior
Now its just my curse
And I don't want it anymore


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