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Friday, July 14, 2006

My Captivity

In the stillness of the night
the door opens, the light awakens my weary head.
I know what I am to do.
I collect what is required of me
do as I must, for he will know.
I look at the walls,the walls of captivity
as I walk towards his room
I look at the window locks
they are on the wrong side of the window
a tear runs down my face
Every waking moment
I sit
In silence, death creeping
like a stalker stalking
after me
Tossing, Turning
No understanding can I get from
the ones who claim
to love me
Death covering
Like a blanket on a cold winters night
Hovering over me like a thief in the night
coming to steal my joyIt's gone, taken
Nothing can change the way I feel
No one to say"It's going to be all right"
Death taking me awayto a far away place
Gone. It's over for me now
Death has won


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