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Friday, July 14, 2006

Telling is OK

Telling is Okay?
It’s been a really long time
Since you hurted me so
But it still hurts really bad
And it's starting to show
I know it was our secret
But Mikey it still hurts
Please I need to tell now
Cause it only gets worse
I know I wasn't supposed to
When I told that time before
Only wanted them to stop you
From hurting me anymore
But they did not believe me
Cause I didn't even cry
And I don't know for sure
But I don't think that was right
You hurted me so bad that day
That another had to come
She says it's bad to tell
And still others try to run
I know that I am big now
And some say now we're safe
But I don't know how to know
Unless you say okay
Nothing’s going right no more
Since again we tried to tell
And some just want to bleed
While others yell and yell
Please Mikey let me go
I don't wanna hurt this way
Please Mikey let me know
That telling is okay


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