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Friday, July 14, 2006

Night Creeper

Oh, I lay so quiet, pretending to be fast asleep
I pray I don't hear
the dreadful sound
of your sneaking, shuffling feet
Tightly I clench my blankets
up around my neck
oh maybe, just maybe
you'll feel guilty for just a sec
My face is buried deep inside
my pillow of tears
if you only knew Dad,
what your daughter really fears
Shhhhhhh. I hear the sound of feet
Oh God please
make him go away
so I can sleep
I see a shadow.
Stout and creeping outside my door
I start to tremble
as I hear creaking from the floor
No voice, no sound
just a cold, sickening caress
what thoughts, what visions
I now possess
Don't touch me, don't be here
just go away
my body trembles and I whimper
but you stay as I fear
When will it be over???
I feel sick inside
you meander away
with all your pride
Nothing seems to phase you
you feel no remorse
you just play your games
following your past course
As for me,
You’ve stained me
ruined me inside
As you leave me lifeless
you take with you my pride
Oh, God only knows
how you've hurt me, filled me with fear
Scared to death
I'll awake to find you here
I sleep with caution
I'm alert to every sound
for I never know
when the night creeper will be back around


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