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Friday, July 14, 2006

Dont really know

Living through all this shit,
Life seems a mindless game,
And I'm fed up with it.
Present, past, potential problems,
Crowding in my mind.
Get the fuck away from me!
You're driving me mad.
I'm trapped in this,
Trapped and doped up,
But do I even give a fuck?
One bit of a witless machine,
One nail, one bolt, one screw,
One endless wheel round and round,
Crashing towards the distant ground.
Fuck you, fuck this, fuck everything,
Fuck all this pressure on top of me,
Fuck life, fuck death, fuck this world,
I know I'm ungrateful for it all,
Just banging my head on the goddamn wall.
The wall between life and death,
Heaven and Hell, Hate and Love.
I'm not a prophet, I'm not a saint,
I'm not a devil, I'm no sinner,
Just a planetary parasite,
Like 8 billion others
Born onto a cursed Earth
Where every breath a burning gasp,
A gasp of polluted cancerous air,
Every heartbeat yearning,
Yearning for something more,
Other than banging on Hell's door.
Stress marks lined on rough skin,
Rough from the beating acid rain,
But I keep living through this fucked up shit,
Day by day dealing with it,
But it's all driving me insane,
Pounding on my swollen brain.


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