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Friday, June 16, 2006

Shake your head

Don’t touch me
you hurt did you know that?
Did you know that you scare me?
With every move you make
every word that drops out of you lips
you make me want to cry
you make count down the days till I leave
the only time I act friendly
is when you spend your money on me
a sort of revenge of what you do
I spend your money blackmail in the making
you once asked me "why do you hate me"
I answered a lie
you got me so pissed when I was younger
I told you I hated everything you did
and you would yell at me kept repeating"you hate me??"
And it ran through my head
making me want to beat you down
to make you shut up
I’ve never got along with you
you smoke when I cant
make me cry when I’m happy
you tear me apart if I think I did something good
the shake of your head the knowing your not proud
a couple more years till I’m gone
where’s your baby then?
I’ll be off in a better place
where I wont see you shake your head.


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