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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


He holds me down
Tears enduring in me
And I feel like now
I cannot do anything
To change these things
But I still feel this pain
And as I hear their stories
Their cries break through
And force this blood
To the surface of me
I want to share the hurt
I want someone to mend
This paining heart of mine
But in the end
There is no trust in me
I cannot ask for help
I cannot ask for love
For none of these are mine
None of these for me
No one is meant to love me
I feel as if
I'm meant to stay silent
And in silence I shall bleed
And hurt for what
Is hurting me
But if I cannot struggle free
Shall I pull this
And once again hurt me
I need my answers
But I have none
For I am not meant to know
The difference between
Pain and finally pleasure
But in the end
Instead of happiness
Pleasure brings pain
And physical pain
Brings me so much pleasure
So what is the difference
Between the emotional pain
Compared to the physical
For both realms are felt
By the brain and it's
Simplicity is this
I am not meant to know
What it means to be happy
For in the end
Everything will end up
Hurting me I cannot hold true to my words
For only there are
A few constants for me
Death, pain, and
I will die alone
In pain.


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