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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Friend

Tears falling from my face,
Falling for the search is hard,
Searching for myself,
There is no end in sight,
Lining my cheeks are tears and cries,
Crying of the pain,
Crying from the abuse,
Crying to find a friend,
For someone to care and help,
Someone who will not ask the questions,
To know the pain I feel,
To never let me go,
Only make me feel loved,
Love me forever,
Just because you care,
Never leave my side,
Never make me hurt,
Never let me feel the blade,
Never let me crave the blood,
Never let me feel the pain again,
Never let me see their wicked faces,
Never let the darkness take me,
Forever happiness,
Forever loved,
Take my hand,
Lead me to the light and happiness,
Away from darkness and suicide,
Please don't let me fall,
Don't make me fall,
I am scared,Please take me slowly,
Please don't lose faith in me,
You're all I have left,
Please help me, my friend.


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